You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For – Book Review

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For: Bringing Courageous Love To Intimate Relationships by Richard C. Schwartz

This book is based on the author’s experience as the founder of the ‘Internal Family Systems Model’. The warm, down to earth style of presenting this subject helps to open doors of understanding on deeper psychological aspects of relationship dynamics. He guides the reader ever deeper based on the premise that in order to maintain a successful relationship, we need to cultivate a profound relationship with ourselves. We need to pierce through and heal layers that have been disassociated from ourselves, to the very center of our own being, discovering that place of clarity and compassion within.

The journey within takes courage and this book inspires us to find it and live a courageous life, for the benefit of ourselves and our relationships. We learn to take feedback from our partners and use it as fuel for discovering aspects within ourselves that may be in need of healing. Through self- reflection, the depth of understanding that is reached can then be applied to our intimate relationships.

I remember Osho saying that there are three steps on the path to enlightenment:
Loving Yourself
Loving another in deep intimacy
Loving the whole
This book is a wonderful inspiration on the journey.

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