A Whirlwind of Emotions in Relationship – Ask Sarita


“While being on this journey of knowing my true essence, I have witnessed a whirlwind of emotions in me and in my relationship with my beloved. Please guide me by sharing your wisdom for helping me to surrender.

Many times I have witnessed a longing in me that isn’t satisfied without Love and I seek it from the other.  I seek response, love and understanding of my being from my partner and he seeks the same but there is a resistance due to fights in the past and wounds that have hurt the expectations from one another. 

I feel that I’m unable to love him totally as I am not able to love myself too and feel insecure and incomplete within me. I am indulging in judgement of myself and I’m not total in my love. My own insecurities and unfulfilled desires are showing up in relationship and I’m not at peace. Please guide me with your wisdom..”


When we are in relationship, we need to do deep inner work on ourselves as well as nurturing the relationship. Inner work may include, Meditation, Psychotherapy, Breath Therapy, Primal Therapy, Family Constellation, and Colour Light Therapy. We need to let go of all those energies and conditionings we are not and discover who we truly are.

In most relationships, there are projections at play. Whenever there are incomplete issues bubbling inside from past or present, this stagnation and the desire to avoid facing pain will create the tendency to project these incomplete issues on our partner. When misunderstandings and blame are present, it is essential to clear projections of both partners and then, suddenly, our vision is clear and we can see the true essence of ourselves and our partner, unclouded by our own past wounding.

If you find yourself saying “you!” With a blaming statement aimed at your partner, it is 100% sure this is a projection arising from your own inner wounding. Even if the partner is doing something unconscious, the fact that you get triggered means you have a projection alive in you. When you clear your own projections, it is highly possible that your partner will suddenly relax and behave differently. We are all connected in the web of life. What happens in one person affects others.

It has been found through the study of human behaviour that in general, we affect 1000 people per week in a ripple effect. This effect may be negative or positive depending on our inner state.

If you are following the path of meditation, I highly advise Osho’s active meditations. These will help you to release emotions in a healthy and safe methodology and to discover silence and celebration. Try doing Osho’s Dynamic Meditation every day for 21 days and I am sure you will see a revolution in your way of loving yourself, loving another and loving the whole.

Further, you will be benefitted by my online courses. Goddess Essence online will take you on an evolutionary journey for women. And together with your beloved, you can do the Master Lover online course. Both of these online courses offer methods that are of utmost importance in embracing and understanding love in all its aspects.

When we seek answers, one of the most important things we can do is to learn through our own lived experience as happens in active meditations and Tantra techniques. By practicing these methods, our own innate wisdom will blossom.

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