Love, Sex and Awakening By Margot Anand – Book Review

I just finished reading this marvellous autobiography by Margot Anand, Tantra Teacher extraordinaire. The book reveals Margot’s wisdom, passion, sincerity and humbleness. It is at the same time erotic and deeply spiritual. Margot has never compromised on her passionate search for ultimate truth. And at the same time, she has been total in her pursuit of pleasure and the erotic arts. When these two life approaches meet, we find ourselves face to face with ‘Sky Dancing Tantra.’

I love the format of the book. Each chapter shares riveting stories from Margot’s life and what Margot learned from her experience, followed by a method the reader can do to achieve a similar realisation in their own life. In this way, the reader is not only being entertained by a fabulous storyline but is also growing in inner wisdom by applying what is being shared. Margot is courageously honest in all that she shares, inviting the reader into a deeper honesty with themselves and into ever deepening intimacy with others.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Meditation and Tantra.

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