Mutation Into Godliness – Meditation of the Month

Osho describes to us how to practice this deep and transformative method from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra:

“Feel my thought, I-ness, internal organs—me.”

“A Very simple and a beautiful technique. Feel: My thought, I-ness, internal organs – me.

The first thing is not to think but to feel. These are two different dimensions. And we have become so intellect-oriented that even when we say that we are feeling, really we are not feeling, we are thinking.
Feeling has completely stopped; it has become a dead organ in you. Even when you say, ‘I love,’ it is not a feeling, it is again a thought. […]

Try to live with feelings.

Sometimes in the day when you are not doing any particular business – because in business, in the beginning it will be difficult to live with feeling. There, head has proved very efficient, and you cannot depend on feeling. While you are at home playing with your children, the head is not needed, it is not a business – but there too you are with the head. Playing with your children or just sitting with your wife, or not doing anything, relaxing in a chair, feel. Feel the texture of the chair. […]

Feel: My thought.

Close your eyes and feel the thought. A continuous flow of thoughts is there, a continuum, a flux; a river of thoughts is flowing. Feel these thoughts, feel their presence. And the more you feel, the more will be revealed to you – layers upon layers. Not only thoughts that are just on the surface; behind them there are more thoughts, and behind them there are still more thoughts – layers upon layers.

And the technique says: Feel: My thought. And we go on saying, ‘These are my thoughts.’ But feel – are they really yours? Can you say ‘my’? The more you feel, the less will it be possible for you to say that they are yours. They are all borrowed; they are all from the outside. They have come to you but they are not yours. No thought is yours – just dust gathered. Even if you cannot recognize the source from where this thought has come to you, no thought is yours. If you try hard, you can find from where this thought has come to you. […]

Grow in sensitivity. When you touch, when you hear, when you eat, when you take a bath, allow your senses to be open. And don’t think – feel. […]

This sutra says: Feel. Be established in feeling first. Then my thought. Look at that thought which you have always been calling my – my thought. Established in feeling, looking at thought, the my disappears. And my is the trick because out of many my’s, out of many me’s, the I evolves – this is mine, this is my. So many mine’s; out of them the I evolves.

This technique starts from the very root. Thought is the root of all. If you can cut the feeling of my at the very root, it will not appear again, it will not be seen anywhere again. But if you don’t cut it down there, you can go on cutting everywhere and it is useless; it will go on appearing again and again. […]

Established in feeling, cut from thoughts, face I-ness, and as you face it, you find that it exists not. It was only a useful word, a linguistic symbol – necessary, but not real. Even a Buddha has to use it, even after his enlightenment. It is just a linguistic device. But when a Buddha says I, he never means I, because there is no one. […]

So, think of it in this way: thoughts, then below them I-ness, and thirdly:

Feel: My thought, I-ness, internal organs – me.

When thoughts have disappeared or you are not clinging to them – if they are passing it is none of your business, you are aloof and detached and unidentified, and the I-ness has disappeared – then you can look at the internal organs.

These internal organs. 

This is one of the deepest things. We know the outer organs. With hands I touch you, with eyes I see you – these are the outer organs.

The internal organs are those through which I feel my own being. The outer are for others. I know about you through the outer. How do I know about me? Even that I am – how do I know about it? Who gives me the sensation of my own being? There are internal organs. When thoughts have stopped and when I-ness is no more, only then, in that purity, in that clarity, can you see the internal organs.

Consciousness, intelligence – they are internal organs. Through them I am aware of my own being, of my own existence. That’s why if you close your eyes, you can forget your body completely, but your own feeling that you are, remains. And it is conceivable that when a person dies…. It is a fact. When a person dies, for us he is dead, but it takes a little time for him to recognize the fact that he is dead because the internal feeling of being, remains the same.[…]

Internal organs. You can then look through those internal organs. And then – the me. It is difficult to express it in words, that’s why me is used. Any word will be wrong – me is also wrong – but the I has disappeared. So, remember, this me doesn’t have anything to do with I. When thoughts are uprooted, when I-ness has disappeared, when internal organs are known, the me appears. Then for the first time my real being is revealed.

That real being is called me.

The outer world is no more, thoughts are no more, the feeling of ego is no more, and I have come to recognize my own internal organs of knowing, consciousness, intelligence – or whatsoever you call it – awareness, alertness. Then, in the light of this internal organ, me is revealed.

This me doesn’t belong to you. This me is your innermost center, unknown to you. This me is not an ego. This me is not against any you. This me is cosmic. This me has no boundaries. In this me everything is implied. This me is not the wave. This me is the ocean.

Feel: My thought, I-ness, internal organs. Then there is a gap, and suddenly the me is revealed. When this me is revealed, then one comes to know, ‘Aham Brahmasmi. I am the God.’

This knowing is not any claim of the ego; the ego is no more there. You can mutate yourself through this technique, but first get established in feeling.”

Osho, Book of Secrets

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