The Value of Positivity – Osho Quote

For the new humanity, millions of changes are going to happen. One of the most major changes will be that the positive person has to become articulate. He has to say to the world what he is experiencing, without any fear, without any embarrassment,…

The people in the world are in immense need of a few articulate, positive, assertive individuals. Not only their words will be helpful, but their presence – because their words can only be supported by their presence, by their actions, by their responses. There is no other kind of evidence. If people see that you are really living peace, that your life is a song of silence and each of your actions shows it, we can change the whole negative and sick psychology of man.

Otherwise… these negative people have been predominant all through history – because it is very easy to be negative, anybody can do it…

The most advanced nation, most powerful, most scientifically, technologically advanced, is going through the darkest period in the whole of human history.

…A new dawn for the whole human race, a new innocence, a new childhood, a new satya yuga – the age of truth – a new golden age is possible. But the positive people have to take the bold step of expressing themselves. They have not been doing that for the whole of history. They have enjoyed their experience, and they have thought their work was finished.

I want you to remember always:

When you have something to share, don’t stop there; share it. Humanity is in need, as it has never been in need, of people who can create new hope for a new dawn.”

Osho, The New Dawn, Ch 14

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