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The mantra – “Life, Love, Laughter” has been coined by Osho. It indicates everything we need for a blessed life! I would like to explore the deeper significance of each of these potent words, thus bringing inspiration for embracing what is indicated through them.


A life affirmative attitude is a YES! to vibrant health, abundance, orgasm, creativity and regeneration. Inherent in life is a system of recycling. Old cells die, new cells are born. Stagnation leads to decomposition, while flow leads to growth and regeneration. Chaos waves appear which form a basic question inside the organism, “Shall I go towards decomposition or should I move towards regeneration?” Embrace chaos waves on your life path, and ask the question, “What can I learn from this situation?” By relaxing with the chaos wave, it will automatically catapult you into a higher level of order and rejuvenation. This is how evolution happens. We are all in a spiral dance of evolution, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By nurturing a life affirmative lifestyle, we will live at the optimum of our potential and, by so doing, be a blessing to others and to planetary consciousness.

Living a ‘Yes’ to life includes:

*Gratitude to life
*Connection with loving friends
*Positive affirmations
*Following your bliss
*Opening your pleasure potential
*Exploring your orgasmic potential
*Practicing Tantra
*Being in nature
*Eating a whole foods plant-based diet
*Creative expression
*Opening your senses
*Awakening kundalini
*Opening chakras
*Bio energetics
*Breath therapy
*Nurturing life choices
*Sharing with others
*Natural forms of healing such as traditional Chinese medicine / Ayurveda / herbal medicine / cranial sacral therapy

Living in stagnation leading to de-composition is to live in:

*Eating food that causes suffering, such as meat / dairy / vegetables sprayed with harmful chemicals which have killed the soil and harm our bodies
*Lack of loving touch
*Lousy, unconscious sex
*Living in concrete
*Harmful electromagnetic fields including microwaves / 5G and electric lighting (while sleeping)
*Health industry based on suppression of symptoms rather than a holistic based approach
*Media manipulation of your thoughts and actions


Since time immemorial mystics have been telling us in myriad ways that love is the very essence of life. If we can remember love, we have remembered God. To be dismembered, is to split apart, to be fragmented. Humanity as a whole has been dismembered through systems of belief not based on lived experience, on conditioning given by others that is untrue or warped. To become whole is to re-mem-ber, to bring disparate parts of ourselves back together.  And as we heal from fragmentation, we simultaneously learn to reclaim our capacity to love and be loved. In actual fact, Love is God and God is Love. Remembering the truth of life is to recognise that Love is omnipresent in the universe. Taking this even deeper, we come to the realisation that “I am Love.” To be in wholeness is to be Love itself.

Living Life as Love is to:

*Love and respect yourself as an integral part of the whole
*Love and respect other life forms
*Honour and be in service of earth’s natural resources
*Honour and be in service of life in its myriad forms
*Have compassion on yourself and others
*Alleviate suffering for yourself and others
*Give and receive massage
*Practice holistic healing
*Eat food prepared with love from the seed to the table
*Drink pure water blessed with loving intention
*Live in gratitude
*Practice Tantra
*When you are with your child, see the impact of each of your actions moving seven generations into the future. Be aware the impact your actions have. Act with loving awareness
*Learn the art of transforming poisonous thoughts and actions into the nectar of love through loving awareness.
*Be the transformation you wish to see happening in the world
*See and manifest a life of beauty
*Be in nature every day and absorb nature’s blessings

In a life devoid of love:

*There is no hope of ever embracing one’s inner divinity
*One sees ugliness all around
*One has dulled senses
*There is lack of touch
*Nature is disrespected
*The earth’s resources are pillaged and raped
*Making money is a higher value than the basic needs of sentient beings
*One seeks power over others rather than empowering your essential divine nature
*One wages war
*People separate into a fragmented society without human values
*One puts beliefs and conditioning above empathy and compassion
*One uses others as commodities, for sex, for buying goods, for slavery in the workplace


Osho says, “Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.” When we are too serious, we see life as a problem. We are unable to lighten up and enjoy the flow. We get disturbed if we see others enjoying, laughing, becoming orgasmic while we are stuck in misery. Flow in life leads to laughter and joy. Stagnation in life leads to dis-ease. We feel not at ease in our skin, we sense ourselves as not on point, we are miserable, depressed, sad or angry. We feel cheated by life. We see and experience multiple problems in everyday life experiences.

When we meditate, especially with Tantric meditation, we come into resonance with Leela, life as a divine play. We begin enjoying the cosmic joke of life. We laugh and play easily. We are detached from burdens, open to flowing aliveness and joy. Dramas are transformed into comedies. We know we are a soul embodied, enjoying the theatre of life in all its colours.

Jokes as an Integral Part of the Spiritual Path

Osho is one of the only mystics who has ever invited laughter as an important part of the spiritual path. He is a rare jewel in the garland of enlightened ones in this respect. He dares to walk where others are afraid to tread. By embracing Life, Love and Laughter as a spiritual discipline, he reveals a path which is deeply human and yet which kisses the stars with mystical awareness.

In general, people laugh only if inebriated. If laughter can be a simple song of uncaused joy, it brings us very close to the ultimate peak of consciousness.

When we are inebriated, we have dulled our senses so much that we are then able to feel a quality of looseness and silliness that helps us to laugh. If we can attain to looseness simply through a process of meditation, this will bring true and lasting ananda, bliss.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a state of consciousness wherein the Yogi or Yogini find themselves becoming bliss itself. The universe is seen as existing within their own infinite heart. We all have the potential to attain to Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It all depends on how willing we are to travel the path leading to a state of wholeness where life, love and laughter become our natural state of being.

I well remember the first time I heard Osho tell a joke during one of his illuminating spiritual discourses. The joke he chose was what is known of as a “dirty joke.’ People in the assembly of seekers were so shocked! To see our revered Guru speaking about great spiritual attainments one minute and telling a dirty joke the next was overwhelming for some people. I laughed uproariously, and then looked around at the hushed assembly, many of whom were sitting in shocked silence. After this first foray into humorousness, Osho went on to tell thousands of jokes during his spiritual discourses. We laughed so much we cried. And we learned to be very fluid in our ability to kiss the earth and the stars together at the same time….


It is high time we have a lovolution in the world. There have been many revolutions and the trouble is the despots who were in power are usually replaced with other despots (wolves in sheep’s clothing). This is because the entire game of transition of power is played out as something deadly serious.

What we need is something completely discontinuous from the past. If despots in power are deadly serious, the whole population needs to turn towards Life, Love and Laughter. Laugh-ins, love-ins and a life affirmative direction for society can usher in a new era of life positive governance where ‘Love’ is held as the highest value. Just imagine how the world can change in a very short time if enough people become devoted to Life, Love and Laughter!

The Whole World Can Be Like This

Before he left his body, Osho stated that we will know when his people are gathered together because his people will begin telling jokes and soon, everyone will be laughing and hugging. This is so true!

I know, the whole world can be like this. All it takes is saying a sacred ‘YES’ to Life, Love and Laughter.

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