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Question: Lasting Longer During Se.x.

“I have an inferiority complex during lovemaking. How can I learn to connect with my partner physically with more intensity and ecstasy? How can I control my anxiety so as to last longer?”


This is a very common question for men. Of course, it is natural you would like to last longer and to please your partner, leading to greater fulfilment for both of you. I remember, I was teaching a group for couples. One couple in the group had been married for 30 years. They had never had sex lasting for more than 3 minutes. Naturally, the woman was disgusted by sex and didn’t want it anymore. By the end of the weekend group they were having sex for two hours! The name of this group is Master Lover and it is available also as an online course. I recommend you get this course and go through it diligently together with your wife.

The reasons why it may be difficult for a man to last longer are as follows:

  • He has been conditioned growing up to feel guilty about sex and so tries to get it over with as quickly as possible.
  • He has watched too much porn and has been conditioned by the porn to have a mentalized version of sex, leading to inability to be sensitive to his own and his partner’s energies in the moment.
  • He carries stress locked in the solar plexus, which creates too much tension in his body leading to premature ejaculation.
  • He is emotionally repressed and has created a pattern for emotional release, using ejaculation.

The cure for these patterns is:

*Do Osho active meditations which will help you to release your emotions directly rather than through ejaculation. The meditations will also help you to find inner peace.

*Slow down in sex. Let go of the idea of a goal. Enjoy the journey. Breathe slowly and deeply.
Instead of thrusting, try undulating like a snake. Or try different positions. Woman on top works well as a way of slowing down for the man, for example.

*On a scale of 1–10, with ejaculation being a 10, learn to stop at 6 and do something else, not connected to sex or to any goal. Then come back into the pleasure. Again, stop at 6. Do something else. In this way, gradually, you will train your body to last longer. And slowly, slowly you will be able to cruise at a 7 or 8 or even a 9 without fear of ejaculation coming too quickly.

*Receive regular massage (without a happy ending) to let go of tension in solar plexus and in groin area.

*Love your woman more! When we honour and even worship our partner as an embodiment of the divine, our whole energy relaxes and we find ourselves meeting our partner on another level of consciousness. This leads to ultimate fulfilment in our intimacy.

Question: Osho, The Power of Transformation 

“I’ve got to know about you through the meditation techniques and through the exposure towards Osho and his vision. I’m in the process, in the midway of listening to all the discourses of Osho. I’m addicted to his silence because that makes me silent. I’m addicted to his words because they make me feel free. Nothing seems interesting to me at all. All my favorite music, my TV shows, movies, I have lost interest in them since I started listening to Osho. I would like to know more about you and your life around him. I cannot believe a man who was there before my birth is having such an intense impact on my life right now.”


In regards to my life with Osho, you can read my blogs and my books or watch my videos and learn many things about me.

About Osho; the impact of an enlightened master never dies. His presence is always available for seekers of truth to tune into and be benefitted by.

What is important is to practice his meditation techniques. If you only read his books or listen to his discourses, it will bring too much intensity to your mind and being without any outlet for all this stirred up energy. When you practice his methods of meditation, his words will then become integrated within you. His methods will open and align your whole chakra system, from Sex to Superconsciousness.

You can read his books, Meditation the First and Last Freedom and The Book Of Secrets and begin getting CDs of his meditations and practicing these.

After three months of practicing his methods you can write to me again and let me know how life is flowing for you.

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