The Last Avatar – Film Review

This is a film by Jay Weidner, produced by Sharron Rose, starring Alexander Polinsky, Adey and Neale Donald Walsch.

When I first started watching this movie, (featured on Gaia TV) I thought it is really kitsch and even ridiculous. However, in spite of it appearing as a low budget, badly written and produced film, the message is very powerful and is actually important to watch and become aware of. The authors obviously did a huge research to find out all the important information packed into the film and to offer this information through this action / adventure movie with a deeply spiritual message.

The film is based in magical Mount Shasta, California. A young man from Hollywood finds himself in the wilderness around Mt. Shasta and is mystified to discover his destiny as Kalki, the saviour prophesied about in ancient India, who is due in the near future to rid the world of those who would destroy it.

Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations With God), is in the role of Count St. Germain and fulfilled his role beautifully. I actually find all the themes explored in the film really fascinating – love, prophesy, magic, mystery, secret societies, an underground civilisation, light bodies and the power of the human spirit to access our greatest potential for the highest good of all beings.

The main actor: Alexander Polinsky, says in his role as the avatar, Kalki: “We are becoming conscious of our power to re-make the world.”

This film is actually really needed right now as we traverse the sunset of the Kali Yuga. I think it is best to put aside grandiose ideas of how a film should be. Watch it like a child would, with a sense of wonder and openness to the magic and mystery of life. You will certainly be rewarded with a wealth of ideas and inspiration for how we can transform ourselves and this world for the better.

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