God’s Name is Love – Osho Quote

When God descends on earth ….His name is love…

Love is an alchemical phenomenon. 

Even if one heart has flowed towards you, 

God has reached through that heart. 

Somebody looked towards you with love; 

in that moment God looked at you. 

Watch the eye full of love, 

the hand full of love, 

and you will find God throbbing there —

because it is always God who loves. 

To love is to become God, 

to allow-love to happen is to become God.

Whenever you fall from the peak of love, 

then it is something else: 

you become possessive; 

Then you are no more replica rolex in the grip of God. 

But whenever you reach to the peak — 

maybe for a single moment 

sometimes it happens: 

when two persons are in absolute harmony, 

no barrier, no fence even exists between them; 

they are not throbbing as two centers, 

they become one center — 

in that moment, God happens. 

When love happens, God happens. 

When God descends on earth 

His name is Love.”


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