The Magical Feather Ceremony – Meditation of the Month

This is a Shamanic method for manifesting what you would like to happen in your life. This method uses the air element to carry your wish into the ether where it will spread through the wind to the entire cosmic web. Anything which can be propelled into the cosmic web of life becomes magnified and comes back to you through a vibrational echo effect. Because of the power of this method, it is important to hold a sincere and conscious presence as you do it and to be very aware what you are calling in.

1. This method is to be done with a feather you find by chance as you are walking in nature. The feather is your messenger from the Gods of the Air.

2. To prepare for the ceremony, you will need to walk into nature to a private spot where you can find a large and healthy tree who will become the protecting guardian of your feather.

3. Make sure you are aware of the 4 directions, north, south, east and west. Hold your feather up to the sky in each of the 4 directions by turn, and state your wish out loud using present tense and formulated in such a way as if your wish has already manifested. An example may be: “Thank you great spirit for granting me the manifestation of my beautiful home, where I live in harmony and comfort, located in X area. And so it is! And so it is! And so it is!” It is important to be very specific, giving details of what you are calling in. As you are facing each direction, take time to feel the blessing of this direction entering you. It is only if you have received the blessing from each direction that your wish can manifest.

4. Plant your feather in a secret place under the tree, with the feathery part of it sticking up, where it can be tickled by the air element and thus act as a conduit to carry your wish into the ether. Make sure this feather is placed in such a way that it will not be disturbed by anyone so it can do its work. If it is touched or handled by another this may inhibit the effectiveness of your magical ceremony.

5. Bow to the feather and the tree in namaste.

6. If you like, you may return to this spot sometimes and meditate under the tree, feeling gratitude to the feather and to the tree. This is optional but can serve to reinforce the power of your manifestation.

Note: When working with manifesting in this way, it is important to use only positive terminology. Existence only hears the positive. So, if you say something like; “I no longer want to be poor,” existence will hear: “I want to be poor” You will be working with the reality of life by using present tense and positive ways of expression.

The power of your ceremony will be enhanced if you do it at an auspicious time, such as the winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice or autumn equinox.

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