The Path of Practice by Bri. Maya Tiwari – Book Review

This book is an initiation, a revelation and a valuable companion for anyone who is interested in the Vedic approach to life.

It says on the cover that it is a book for women and yet much of the information in the book is as valuable for men as it is for women. So, I am not sure why the author has called it a book for women. 

Maya tells her very powerful personal story of being a highly successful fashion designer in New York till she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After receiving numerous surgeries and medical interventions she was told by doctors that there was nothing more they could do. She went into retreat in nature alone, believing these were her final days on earth. This is where her process of healing began. 

She went through an unwinding process, letting go of negative and self-limiting programs and discovering her true nature. She embraced her Hindu and Vedic roots and discovered Ayurveda. Slowly, she came back to wholeness and health. She then began helping others to heal and to embrace a lifestyle which could best serve them for a vibrant and blissful life. 

Maya’s book is packed with very valuable and even lifesaving information. It carries a very positive message and the techniques she teaches are simple and can be integrated slowly but surely into daily life.

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