Tantra Essence Teaching Faculty



Ma Ananda Sarita, founder of Tantra Essence, is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world. Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realisation. At the same time, she helps people to transcend the psychological issues which are carried as a result of cultural conditioning and past experiences. She is also a master healer, author and consultant. More…

Lead Faculty

Tanmaya studied as an actress / singer, fell in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities and has studied extensively with Sarita. Teaching Tantra in India and Europe she invites students to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. Email
Dharmaraj offers sessions and groups in Europe, Asia, and USA. He is a Tantra Essence Teacher, ‘Elite Certified Tantra Educator’ with Source School of Tantra, Doctor of Dental Medicine, and Holistic Healer using a wide range of healing methods. khojidharmaraj@gmail.com
Suta has been teaching internationally with Sarita since 2009. He helps people remember their timeless Essential nature especially through meditation, music and massage and is an advocate of the healing power of Darkness.


Amrita, holistic therapist and priestess, is passionately in love with Tantra as a spiritual path to enlightenment. She has trained in couples and singles Tantra with Sarita, in Tachyon with David Wagner, in Osho Meditations, Chakras, and Women’s Tantra Yoga. amrita.sk
Usha (Regina) studied with Sarita focusing on working with women’s groups. She is part of the Goddess Essence teaching team and an holistic health therapist. email: usharegina@spiritualhealing.com
Ninad is a highly acclaimed photographer and film maker. On the path of Tantra since 2004, he trained with John Hawken, Alan Lowen and completed the Tantra Teachers Training with Sarita. He regularly teaches Tantra Seminars in Europe. tantra-garden.com
Rani completed the Tantra Teacher Training with Sarita and deepened her relationship with Ninad in the Soul Mate training. A graduate in Therapeutic Pedagogy, studying Process Oriented Psychotherapy, Rani leads tantra workshops with Ninad. Web Site
Ranjana integrates nature’s energies, therapy and meditation. Trained in Tantra by Sarita, Family Constellations, Conscious Sexuality, Trauma Healing, Breath-work and Osho Meditions, she has offered workshops in the Americas, India and Europe since 2000. Web Site
Kimaya teaches with a unique blend of depth, spontaneity and heartfulness – integrating Body-energy work, Healing Arts, TransPsychology, Zen, and Tantra. An Osho Meditation Resort teacher since 1995,and a Tantra Essence graduate, she teaches around the world. Email
Vibha teaches internationally offering Tantra, Tantric Sacred Dance for Women, Immersions and Teacher Trainings, Color Light Therapy and Readings. She was with Osho in India for 25 years and has been working with Sarita since 1990. Facebook
Jonathan is a passionate teacher of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation and a Skilled Body Worker. His workshops draw both from ancient tantric practices and modern tools of introspection. They also integrate Tantra with Tango yotan.org
Elien found her soul calling in sharing tantra. Based in the Netherlands, she also teaches abroad. Trained in tantra, yoga and mindfulness, she teaches with humour and enthusiasm – transmitting spiritual practices in a down to earth way. tantra-awakening.com
Dhyan Yogi is a passionate teacher, devoted to bring consciousness, love and joy through Tantra and Shamanism. Connected to humans, nature and spirit, he integrates all aspects of life, from grounded sexuality to deep spirituality. conscioustantra.org