Tantra Essence Business & Marketing Team

Sarita and Tantra essence are supported by Business and Marketing professionals who are a vital part of Sarita’s Kaula team.


Business Manager

Supragya has been working with Sarita since the late nineties both as an organiser for some of her groups and trainings, and as her Business Manager. He loves the nature and variety of the work and the people it brings him into contact with. He also loves his daily commute from his bedroom to his office across the landing! He brings a background in education, couples counselling and years of business experience to his various roles as well as 30+ years’ connection to Osho.

Social Media Manager and Newsletter Editor

Dovile is passionate about Tantra, personal development, spiritual growth and healthy living. Integrating all this in her daily life and work as marketing, social media and branding manager she becomes more creative, constructive, spontaneous, and adds more value. Life and work become endless pleasure – no need for holidays or escape. After meeting Sarita in 2016, her personal and spiritual growth accelerated and she advanced rapidly on her personal and professional path.

Website Manager

Tameer found Tantra in 2001 by asking Google how to combine “sex, love and spirituality”. He has been doing groups with Sarita since 2003 finding his beloved in 2009 with whom he completed the Soul Mate Training. He is also grateful for transmissions from Kohrogi San, Uezu San, Mooji, Bodhi and many others. Tameer brings 30 years’ customer oriented commercial and marketing experience from the computer and telecoms sectors and he loves creating.