The Tantra Essence Kaula Vision

“Tantra Essence shares the sublime ecstasy of Tantra as a spiritual path.”
– Ma Ananda Sarita


Having received a direct transmission from Osho, and with the wisdom which comes from a life dedicated to meditation, Sarita shares her passion for tantra with those who are open to receive and integrate the offering. This ignites a fire of transmission and communion; a love affair leading to new evolutionary consciousness.


Sarita shares the essence of Tantra directly herself and in conjunction with her Kaula Team. The Kaula Team are Tantra Essence facilitators and friends deeply immersed in the bliss of a nurturing Tantra lifestyle.

Kaula is a Sanskrit term, which essentially means, a spiritual family who are devoted to life affirmative Tantra methods in service of spiritual liberation. The merging of spirit and matter, Shiva and Shakti, is actualized through Kaula practices. The Kaula are centered on Aham, the spiritual heart. Through Tantra alchemy, universal consciousness is attained in this very body of bliss.

A quote on Kaula from Wikipedia says:

“Sexuality, love, social life and artistic pursuits are considered vectors of spiritual evolution. The main focus in Kaula is on practical methods for attaining enlightenment, rather than engaging in complex philosophical debate. Whatever is pleasant and positive can be integrated in its practice. The principal means employed in the Kaula practice are the spiritual family, the practice of initiation rituals, the couple (sexual rituals such as maithuna), the body (spiritual alchemy inside one’s own body), the energy (Shakti) (controlled especially through the use of mantras and mystical phonemes) and the consciousness (seen as the epitome of one’s whole being and of the universe itself).
The key to the effectiveness of group practice is held to reside in the harmony of minds and hearts of the participant. When a compatible spiritual group is created, it can greatly accelerate the spiritual evolution of its members. Abhinavagupta declares that such a group can enter a state of oneness and universal consciousness without effort. He explains this by the notion of reflection (pratibimba), a process of unification, an effortless overflow of spiritual energy.”

All that we are as sentient beings can be used as a portal into the ecstacy of expanded consciousness, including the senses, emotions, creativity, sexuality, breath, mental cognition, psychic sensitivity, love and relating. Ancient Tantra methods are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago, supporting us to live our fullest potential in all aspects of life.

Tantra Essence is the portal into the spiritual heart of Tantra. You are offered high calibre, life transforming educational resources: Tantra training and retreats for couples and individuals, Tantra teacher training, articles, on line courses, books, CDs, DVDs, radio interviews, and more.

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