In our pharmacies, you can always buy Modafinil at a promotional price. We regularly offer reasonable prices for the most relevant medicines. Our qualified pharmacists will always help with professional advice on the medicine’s choice.

Shuchita Pharmacy
Address: 7, Hashimpur Rd, Near Anand Bhawan, Tagore Town, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211002, India | Phone: +91 70522 02020 | Website:

The English language contains few solutions, insufficiently describing the exacting combination of knowledge, professionalism, and customer service that Andrea and the rest of the pharmacy staff offer. Highly recommended for a personalized pharmaceutical experience, as well as its distinguished selection of retail products; nice things all-around.

Shuchita Pharmacy honestly should’ve even been called a pharmacy… every time you come to pick up a prescription, you spend 20 minutes to an hour waiting in line, only to be told that your prescription is not ready yet and it will be another 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter how long your Modafinil prescription has been there or how long ahead of time your doctor called it in. They have had me waiting as long as 1.5 hours before. It will literally never be ready the first time you go to the counter, I have even tried calling first to confirm that the prescription is ready, and they lie. I just don’t understand, but I’m fed up with it and cannot understand why anyone chooses to use this pharmacy. (This has happened with medications that are ready – bag and go meds like inhalers and eye drops as well)

Apollo Pharmacy
Address: CRHH+XV9, Attarsuiya, Meerapur, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211003, India | Phone: +91 532 265 8080 | Website:

Dr. Susan was amazing!! She helo me and fixed a tremendous mistake my PCP made to give me Modafinil I needed for a terrible sickness I had… she had a lot of patience with men, worked with me to feel comfortable with my medication, explained side effects, and everything… I can’t ask for more… n then, the two cashiers were also sweet and efficient… Highly recommended !!!

I tried to transfer my prescriptions here as I am new to the area, and boy would that have been a mistake! Apollo Pharmacy is a high volume low customer service kind of place. There were people everywhere waiting for various things! There was no one in line to drop off, and I went to the lady, and she told me to wait! Looking around made me think of cattle just being herded through! I did not see one staff member taking the time to actually speak with someone or give any type of customer service. After waiting for quite some time and not being helped, we left, and of course, no one even noticed that we left. I would not recommend this place for Modafinil purchasing and all and would actually tell you to steer clear of it. There will never be any type of customer service here. Beware, if I could give zero stars, I would!

The Life Line Pharmacy
Address: Devpryogam, A D A Colony, Charaha Jhalwa, Mirzapur Road, Mirzapur Road, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211012, India | Phone: +91 94152 53352 | Website:

Under new ownership. The Life Line Pharmacy now accepts most insurance, has more staff on duty, and has updated the computer system, making it really quick and easy to get prescriptions filled. Better selection of OTC’s as well as lower prices. They still have the candy/nut counter and gift area too. They basically kept everything that was iconic about the store and improved the pharmacy dramatically.

Slow service with rude people. Will not return. Sat for an hour and a half while sick and feeling terrible waiting for antibiotics and Modafinil. The lady at the counter was very rude (I witnessed her roll her eyes at customers as well as just being very short in her responses). Also, I overheard another lady talking to a customer on the phone, being very rude and short to the customer while explaining why after an hour or more, they had only filled one of two prescriptions (hadn’t even started the second because it was sent electronically and they had not checked it).

Chandan Pharmacy
Address: 55/23/1, Kamla Neharu Park Road, near Manmohan Park, Old Katra, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211003, India | Phone: +91 92354 47975 | Website:

The best little pharmacy in Starke! They are always friendly and fast. Not to mention the big box pharmacies in town can’t compete with their Modafinil prices. I had a prescription and used CVS, which my insurance would not cover, and out of pocket was almost 200.00. Chandan Pharmacy had the same prescription for about half the price. I switched that day (about 3 years ago) and have not looked back.

Pharmacists are extremely rude. I already had to wait long for assistance. Then when it was my turn to be helped, the pharmacist took another car before me after I pressed the call button multiple times. After I asked why did she? I’m assuming the Manager Samantha Moore replied, “I don’t know and that the lady will be with after she finishes.” My mom is in pain from an injury to her foot, and she’s on a cane because she cannot walk! The workers today need to be replaced! No one was remorseful or apologetic. All I got was attitude. If I could give them 0 stars, I would!