Is Ivermectin available over the counter?

I have always had positive experiences with the Pharmacists there. I had to have prescriptions filled elsewhere as they had special pricing for certain drugs like Stromectol that Guardian Pharmacy didn’t offer, but that in no way was the fault of the staff. Remember, these associates are on their feet all day and have very stressful jobs.

This is absolutely the last straw. The pharmacy is understaffed. The drive-through is closed. It’s for Covid testing only. The lines inside the store are intolerable, running the length of the store and beyond with only one person working the register usually during peak hours and today, when I show up after work to pick up my medication that was supposed to have been ready yesterday but wasn’t, the pharmacy was closed at 5:15 p.m. I’m taking my business elsewhere. It may not be any better, but it surely can’t get much worse. I was a Rite Aid customer, but Guardian Pharmacy bought all of them and then closed them and forced me to do business with them. Guess what, Guardian Pharmacy? Ciao baby!

Can humans take Ivermectin for animals?

Address: 9/1/13,Adarsh Colony, Chak Mundera, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211011, India | Phone: +91 788 046 9999 | Website:

This SastaSundar Sriram Pharmacy has been nothing but right on time for me when it comes to refilling and mailing out my prescriptions! I wish I had known about this pharmacy from the get-go! Very reasonable, and I 100% recommend this pharmacy to all my family and friends because I am truly satisfied!

I’ve never been impressed with this pharmacy. They never have Stromectol that I needed in stock. They don’t want to call doctors to get clearance to fill the medication. They’re super slow, and you see 8 people working, at least 3 just standing around. And you hear “call on hold for pharmacy” that nobody answers the whole 45 minutes you’re waiting for someone to even acknowledge you need help from them. I’ve been going to this pharmacy for a while, but I’ve decided to switch to ANYTHING but SastaSundar Sriram Pharmacy. When you’re supposed to buy Ivermectin online, and they don’t have it for you, it really messes everything up. Very uncoordinated and not very professional.

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Address: Ghaus Nagar, J K Nagar, Kareli, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211016, India | Website:

Truly the best pharmacy I have ever used anywhere! One of the reasons I love Hayyan Pharmacy is the community, the people. That’s exactly what makes the pharmacy so great. Not only is it convenient and locally owned, but the people are also awesome! Number one, Grade A service… thanks y’all!!

Went inside to pick up a prescription. There was a bunch of people in line for covid vaccines – couldn’t figure out how to get to the pharmacy. Even with 6 feet apart lines, everyone is still too close as the aisles arent 6 feet wide. Then as I stood waiting in line, I watched these two women give covid shots, then shout next in line and proceed to the next person like they are working in a factory… why are the chairs not being sanitized? People can still spread and catch covid, correct?

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Address: 49c, 4/1B, Stanley Rd, Kamla Nagar, Myorabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211002, India | Website:

Best pharmacy, hands down!!! Very friendly, fast, polite, and well-educated. I’ve gone to different pharmacies before in the past, but this one goes above your expectations!! Damien is the BEST! I’ve been going for about 5-6yrs now, and I don’t plan on changing pharmacies anytime soon.

I came to Ojas Pharmacy to get my covid 19 vaccine. While I was in the store, someone walked in and stood in line at the pharmacy without a mask, and no one said anything to him or asked him to leave. While in the store, I also saw 2 other people, including an employee, whose masks were not covering their noses. How can Ojas Pharmacy claim to be helping end the pandemic when they aren’t even enforcing the most basic safety precautions in a location where COVID cases are extremely high?