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Ask Sarita – the Desire to Please Others and Female Genital Release

Question No.1

“I carry guilt that I do not meet the expectations of those around me. I want to act as I wish. As long as I remember, I never wanted to cause any trouble to anybody – parents, friends, colleagues, etc. Now, as I grow and develop on the Tantra path, I can feel that my decisions and my actions cause problems for others.

Ask Sarita – Two Questions on Meditation and Enlightened Beings

Question 1)Osho’s lectures run into the thousands. I am confused whether to follow the advices in each and every lecture? In every lecture there are always good points to practice and follow. But it is becoming too burdening to do so for me as a student. Can you please provide me a solution?”

Ask Sarita -Ejaculation and the expansion of consciousness

Question:  I red on your blog saying it is good for men to ejaculate once in a while if body requires so. Won’t this create problem for those who are on path of moving up the energy? On one hand, he is preparing for the energy to move up and on the other hand, the energy is moving downward in ejaculation.

Ask Sarita: About Scarcity and Abundance

Question: Recently, after several Tantra groups I’ve started to feel two different inner states – scarcity and abundance.

I live most of the time in scarcity. It’s when I feel that generally resources are scarce – my energy, ideas, money, time, people’s attention – everything is limited and I need to compete and control these limited resources.

Ask Sarita – Does True Love Exist?

Question: “How can I find a man who is really ready to go deeper into Tantra with me? All I find out there are men who are into polyamory or one-night stands. It is really frustrating as I believe in true love. Am I under some kind of illusion? Does true love exist or is it just a fairy-tale?”

Ask Sarita – Multi-partner relationship

Question: “I am a woman and my long-term partner has announced that he feels he is in an old-fashioned style of marriage and he wants to have freedom to explore with other women. I am devastated. However, if I tell him the truth, that I really don’t want a multi-partner lifestyle, I am terrified I will lose him. I am in great anxiety and really don’t know what to do. Please help me.”

Ask Sarita

Q1. How can I learn Vashikaran? Q2. How does Tantra see LGBT?

Stressed Out, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Healing BDSM – Ask Sarita

I receive questions from people from all over the world. In each Newsletter I choose one or more questions which when answered, will offer benefits to many people who may have similar kinds of issues.

The Attraction of Opposites and Sex Education for Children – Ask Sarita

Sarita answers two questions: one is about opposite genders and their attraction. The second is about how and how and when to explain to children about sex. 

Female Ejaculation – Ask Sarita

I’m a regular contributor in a website devoted to Female Ejaculation. I was doing a research for my next piece of content and I stumbled upon this awesome article of yours:

Relationship with Partner – Ask Sarita

Sarita answers 2 questions this month. One is about what women and man need in relationship from each other. And the second is about the astrological compatibility. 

Beauty and Health at Any Age

Living Out of the Box
Many people ask me what my secret is to remaining so young and vibrant looking, therefore I am writing this blog in response to those queries.

Solving the Relationship Dilemma

During the past year or so there are certain questions I receive on a regular basis from people all over the world. The question below contains the essence of the collective question on the subject of Polyamory.

Tantra Transforms everyone who dives into it

If you’ve been thinking about joining Master Lover, my new online course for diving into the Tantra world of pleasure, intimacy and consciousness with yourself, your beloved and the sacred, let me share with you a few insights.

The Power of Now and the Law of Attraction – Ask Sarita

Question: Hi Sarita. Please help me resolve this apparent dilemma: On the one hand we have to be in the present because the past and the future are just constructions in the mind.
On the other hand the law of attraction says

 Was Jesus Enlightened?

Question: Thank you for your wonderful blog. I have been reading Osho many years. Osho has acknowledged Jesus as an enlightened man in many of his early books. Jesus is also recognized as an enlightened man


Cacao was known as the food of the Gods by the ancient people of Mexico, Central and South America. At one time, it was prized as being of more value than gold and was

Ask Sarita: A Question about Sexual Ecstasy and Drug Use

Question: Hello Sarita,

Recently I had too many sexual urges. Along with that I happened to have marijuana which further more

Ask Sarita – Am I deluding myself?

Question: In my meditation Shiva came to me, I do not know how to say it another way. Actually, He was suddenly there and next moment He was holding me in yab yum. He started to breath light into me.

Ask Sarita: Are you Enlightened?

Question 1: Is there anyone who is enlightened? What is enlightenment? I have seen or heard many people saying they are enlightened but actually I have not seen anyone who appears to really be enlightened. Please can you explain to me