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Learn Tantra straight from your bedroom – Master Lover Online Course

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Living Tantra: Men and Women

About 10 years ago, I was in a silent meditation retreat in pristine nature with no interference from worldly activities. While sitting in meditation under my favourite tree, a luminous ascended master appeared in front of me.

Tachyon Technologies: a Portal Into Ecstasy, Angels and Healing

When I first heard of Tachyon Healing in 1995 I was skeptical; it sounded just too good to be true. But a trusted friend and colleague in the Osho Commune in Pune

The Magic of Tantra and Erotic Arts of Sexual Union

The Creation Of An Online Master Class

At the time of writing I am on the magical Island of Bali working on the filming for a new online course devoted to the subject of learning how to be a Master Lover.

Double Bonus This Month – Two Recommended Sessions on the Subject of Relationship

I have been greatly helped on the issue of relationship over the years by my Sister Madhuri’s Human Design readings. Human Design gets to the core of whether you are

Incredible India and Amazing Ayurveda

For the whole month of December 2016 some friends and I have been in Kerala, India in an Ayurveda Pancha Karma Retreat.

Enlightenment and the Journey to Wholeness

After meeting Osho in 1973 in Mumbai, I went to his 10-day meditation camp in Mount Abu. The name of the camp was Samadhi Sadhana Shibeer, which he translated as; ‘Camp for Inner Ecstasy and Enlightenment.’ In my innocence,

Tantra for Teens – Sarita’s Blog

I get many requests from parents who would like me to teach Tantra to their teenage children. They invariably say, “If only I had access to what we learn in Tantra groups when I was a teenager,

Sarita’s Blog: Tantra Teacher Training

While teaching Tantra all over the world, it is a delight to meet gorgeous, meditative and vibrant people who show all the signs of growing into amazing Tantra Teachers.

Bees, Light and Shadow and the Kali Yuga

One of the delightful memories from my childhood is this one:

I am 3 years of age and it is a warm and sunny morning in the back garden of my home. My mother is hanging wet laundry.

Sarita’s Blog: Creative Expression

In January I was in Bali, an Indonesian island overflowing with beauty and creativity. Suffused in nature’s abundance, the people of Bali have developed unique and creative ways of mirroring this through their arts.”

Tantra Essence is Expanding

At the time of writing, I am in Osho Nisarga near Dharamsala India for the Tantra Meditation Retreat.  In this sublime setting at the foot of the Himalayan Mountain range, besides a bubbling ever singing river is a fitting place to give the good news that a branch

Tantra for Adolescents

I am receiving an ever-increasing number of requests from Parents to offer Tantra teachings to adolescent children, in order to give young people a positive life approach to begin adult life with.

This Earthly Paradise

A Blog by Bruce Lyon

In the ancient world the land was seen as alive and enchanted in the deep sense of that word. To chant into and with the land was part of the practice of prayer, worship

Sarita’s Blog: The Magic and Science of Rituals

Recently, I taught a Level 6 Soul Mate Group for couples. On the last day, (the 8th of March, which is International Women’s Day), the women were treated to a two hour “Trust Ritual”, an offering of devotional love from the men. 

Tachyon Ultra Cocoon

In my opinion the Tachyon Ultra Cocoon is the best present you can buy for a loved one or for yourself this Christmas or New Years. I have been using this product for 20 years and can’t imagine life without it!

Sarita’s Blog – Tantra: Transformation of Poison into Nectar

A heavy and dramatic situation at the age of 14 opened into a mysterious and miraculous space of benediction.

Meditation Unveiled: Sarita’s Blog

During my travels around the world teaching Tantra I am often asked questions about meditation. Many people still carry an outdated idea that sexuality and spirituality are separate from each other

Welcome Home Wellness Retreat

Sarita invites you to her home for the Wellness Retreat
2-6 July 2014 at Chateau Bellevue, Dole, France
with Sarita, Nisarga & master chef Niten

Lingam, Pillar of Light: Sarita’s Blog

“Behold the Shiva Lingam, beautiful as molten gold, firm as the Himalayan Mountain, tender as a folded leaf, life-giving like the solar orb, behold the charm of his sparkling jewels!”