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Four Pillars of Temple of Life – Sarita’s blog

My Personal Journey leading up to and into the new year mirrors the four pillars of the Temple of Life. These are – Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra and Sacred Mantra. Through these divine portals we experience ultimate truth as an embodied reality.

Sound and Silence – Meditation of the Month

The art of weaving together sound and silence is valuable to learn. When we sing mantras we are tuning ourselves to source. When we drop into deep silence we also are tuning to source.

Ask Sarita – Q1) Kundalini Energy; Q2) Osho’s Therapeutic Techniques

Question 1:
Could you explain Kundalini Energy and also the benefits of working with this energy?

Kundalini energy is our basic life force energy. In its dormant state, it is likened to a snake coiled at the base of the spine. As we do Tantra practices, the snake awakens and begins its inward and upward ascent towards the crown chakra. As it ascends, it cracks through any stagnation that may be present in the chakra system.

Healing Ourselves; Healing The World – Sarita’s Blog

What Is Truth?

As we face the global pandemic situation, simultaneously we come face to face with where we are standing, in ourselves, in our community, in our country and in the world. Each person needs to search their own heart and soul and find out, “What resonates as truth for me?” I highly recommend when asking such an important question to yourself that you stand barefoot on the earth and allow yourself to really feel your connection to earth, water, sun, and sky. Only then will you be able to discover your authentic answer. This is because we are an integral part of nature.

Ask Sarita: About Scarcity and Abundance

Question: Recently, after several Tantra groups I’ve started to feel two different inner states – scarcity and abundance.

I live most of the time in scarcity. It’s when I feel that generally resources are scarce – my energy, ideas, money, time, people’s attention – everything is limited and I need to compete and control these limited resources.

Sensorial Awakening

One of the beautiful songs, created by the Baul Mystics, of Bengal India, says:

 “All of us in different ways
Think of God
Beyond senses and feelings
And yet it is only
In the essence of loving
That God is found”

Mystic Tantra Massage Training Feedback

The Mystic Tantra Massage Training is an exquisite opportunity to experience and learn two of the most delicious and profound Tantra massages one could imagine. This training is suitable for individuals, couples and massage therapists and is run annually in a gorgeous holiday location by Sarita and initially Nisarga and now Suta.

Meditation of the Month: Sound Pyramid

This is an experience of Sound. Listen to it and be transported through a portal into the beyond. During our Tantra Level 6 for Couples,

A Life Transforming Festival

I have never before been in a festival, which I felt offered so much power to change the world. This was the Osho Tantra Music and Dance Festival held at Zorba The Buddha in Delhi, India from 17—23 November 2014.

I would like to share the magic of this festival with people far and wide. Perhaps by reading this blog, you will be able to imbibe and savor some of the potent Alchemy of this event. The festival was miraculous in its divine, ecstatic quality.

Ayurveda: Art of Being

During the past week, I have received the news that 4 women who I know very well have been diagnosed with breast cancer. In honour of them, and also to nurture the possibility of holistic healing for anyone who has cancer or knows someone with cancer,
I recommend this brilliant documentary on Ayurveda, the natural healing method from India that is thousands of years old and as relevant today as it was then.

Meditation of the Month: Do you want to be Happy?

“Good Morning; Do You Want To Be Happy Or Miserable Today?”

This is a meditation described by Osho. He tells the story of a great Sufi Master who was on his deathbed.
His disciples asked the Master to tell them his secret of why he was always happy. They had never seen him sad! He recounted that he practiced this technique every day:

Mocktail Beer

Mocktail Ginger Beer

From The Bohemian Masala Art Café
Varkala Beach, North Cliff
Varkala, Kerala

At the time of writing I am in Varkala, Kerala and came across this wonderful organic café, which serves traditional Kerala cuisine.

Tachyon Ultra Cocoon

In my opinion the Tachyon Ultra Cocoon is the best present you can buy for a loved one or for yourself this Christmas or New Years. I have been using this product for 20 years and can’t imagine life without it!

Ask Sarita : Does Physical illness have spiritual reasons?

Dear Sarita.

Is it true that all physical illnesses have spiritual reasons? For instance one gets sick and dies in a very bad condition and suffers

Dhyandeepa – A journey of reclaiming my orgasmic potential

For decades I had been a slave to sexual fantasies in my mind. This was the result of the way I learned to masturbate, my initiation into sexuality, the porn movies I had watched as a teenager

Healing as a Path to Wholeness: Sarita’s Blog

Healing is a lifelong companion. The human body is a miracle in action, which being made of living flesh, needs nurturing on an ongoing basis. For healing to be effective, equilibrium needs to be maintained between body/mind, soul and spirit.

Ask Sarita: Addiction

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on: healing from addiction

In Profile: Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing

Tantra Team member Vincent (left) shares his experience Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing developed by Jason Shulman, which works directly with consciousness and the knowing that we are all one.

Meditation of the Month: Rest, Rejuvenate, Heal

Nature is the ultimate healer – it contains the vibration of wholeness that we seek when we undertake any healing.

Reincarnation and Unwinding Karma: Sarita’s Blog

I have spent many years diving deeply into the profound subject of reincarnation through meditation, healing and hypnosis, for myself as well as through offering sessions to many people.