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In Profile: Human Design for Couples

Love is of course a mystery, coming from we-know-not-where, rising and falling as it pleases; but the more consciousness we can bring to the proceedings, the better. Now, for the first time in history, lovers can access a blueprint

Sex to Superconsciousness Teachers

Anahata shares his overflowing joy of Self Transformation through teaching Tantra in India and Europe. He is an entrepreneur and Founder of an Organic Fashion Brand, and has dived deeply into the world of Osho,

The Goddess: Amiya Inspiration Project

“I’m so fortunate about the creative, spiritual collaboration and friendship with Sarita! We both have a similar vision. Music, Art, words and action should be in service for humanity,

Hieros Gamos – A Re-turning Of The Temple Mysteries

This is a blog from Bruce Lyon. It is very relevant for this powerful Spring Equinox.
Bruce ignites a fire of recognition, of remembering inner truths through his gift of oratory and poetry.

Tribute to Veeresh by Sarita

Sarita’s tribute to Veeresh who left his body on Tuesday night, 27th January 2015.

Even though I have not seen Veeresh in years, he is still one of my deeply loved people.

Visible Soul, Invisible Body – Roxana

Today, I woke up at 6am and read the following words of Osho.

“The body is the visible soul and the soul is the invisible body”.
“A totally new kind of education is needed in the world where

Dhyandeepa – A journey of reclaiming my orgasmic potential

For decades I had been a slave to sexual fantasies in my mind. This was the result of the way I learned to masturbate, my initiation into sexuality, the porn movies I had watched as a teenager

In Profile: The Return of the Phallus

Bruce Lyon delivers a powerhouse of a blog about the loss of phallus – the living word of life – which both men and women need to embrace to move our evolution forward. He argues that we need to welcome back the feminine and the masculine in their exalted form to create the heaven on earth we all know is possible.

My Initiation

Tantra Team member Dhyandeepa reveals the power and the passion of her journey into Tantra – which started with an office job in India! Life has never been the same since….

In Profile: Tantra In Education

Susan Shraddha Redgrave (pictured) explains how attending the Tantra Meditation Retreat inspired her to create a MA in Personal Development that embraces the mind, body and spirit 

In Profile: Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing

Tantra Team member Vincent (left) shares his experience Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing developed by Jason Shulman, which works directly with consciousness and the knowing that we are all one.

In Profile: Benefits of Meditation

Find out some of the ways in which science has discovered how meditation can help the health and well being of the body and mind. Thanks to our friends at Osho News for giving us permission to re-publish these fascinating articles.

In Profile: Osho on The Wisdom of the Body

Here Osho speaks beautifully on Tantra’s emphasis on and trust in the wisdom of the body and the senses, and how to lose touch with our body is to lose touch with reality and our connection to life. 

In Profile: Living in Pleasure and Beauty

Deepa shares her journey into appreciating the necessity of beauty and living in pleasure for fulfilment as a woman, through assisting on the Empowered Woman group on Inner and Outer Beauty in Latvia last month.

In Profile: Holistic Business

Some members of Sarita’s business team share their experience of running a holistic business and how it is to work with others doing the same, plus a quote from Osho about living in the world. 

In Profile: Laughter and Truth

Osho indicates laughter and non-seriousness as a key to creating paradise on earth. Read more on his vision here and a wealth of quotes from mystics, thinkers and authors throughout the ages who have known the power of laughter.

In Profile: Forgiveness

Here we share some of the greatest examples of forgiveness, love and humanity of our times and inspiring words from teachers – from Nelson Mandela to the Dalai Lama, Aboriginal leaders to Dr Hew Len.

In Profile: Magical Musicians

Feast your ears on these marvellous musicians who know Sarita. There’s contributions from the divine voices of Ravi and Sudha, Japanese master Kohrogi San, the freedom loving Satyaa and Pari and the ever-inspirational Praful and Peru.

In Profile: Embracing the Goddess

Koko Newport is priestess at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. Here she talks about how she got involved and how the Goddess movement is expanding.

In Profile: Goddess Conference 2012

Tantrikas Julia and Tara share their experience of this year’s Glastonbury Goddess Conference, healing wounds of The Mother and calling back the energy of the Goddess to the land and people of the UK.