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In Profile: The Fire of Passion

Growing up in a repressive culture and being full of fire meant a deep journey into embracing passion for Tantra teacher Shashi Solluna. Here she shares her experiences and some great tips for growing your inner fire.

In Profile: Dhyan Niten

Niten shares his journey into Tantra, from a slow approach to life, to the Indian marketplace to learning from and now teaching with, Sarita.

In Profile: Tantra Renaissance

The Tantra Essence Tantra Team talk about their experience of the Tantra Renaissance in the UK and Europe, with views from Suta, Roxana and Kiran and Niten.

In Profile: Roxana Hewett

Tantra Team member Roxana talks of how Tantra touched her at a young age – and then again on her journey deep into love.

In Profile: Heidi Oravasaari

Tantra Team member Heidi reveals her love of nature, Tantra and her gratitude for her Finnish roots.

In Profile: Education From the Heart

Kavida Rei shares how Steiner schools gave her two boys a well-rounded education, including creativity and practical skills, as well as academic subjects.

In Profile: Sophie and John’s Birth Story

This is the story of the birth of the son of Dakini Sophie and Daka John in March this year. Sophie shares how he came into the world.

In Profile: Meera and Pieter’s Birth Story

Prem Meera recounts how she gave birth to her daughter Mia in February this year with the help of her partner Pieter, without any medical assistance.

In Profile: Feeling Beloved on this Earth

Tantra Team member Heidi Oravasaari explains how training with the Birth into Being Foundation helped her to heal her birth trauma and offer the gift of helping others to heal their own.

In Profile: Celebration of Life

Sarita gives three examples of how cultures ancient and modern celebrate the joy of life – from the Celtic Beltane festival to Japanese adoration of the lingam, to the Baul Mystics of India honouring the menstrual flow.

In Profile: Prem Soham

I came to learn about Sarita’s Tantra teachings in 2002. I was in England with my family on holiday from Vancouver, Canada, and met a woman at a Salsa Club.

In Profile: Path of the Soul Mate

Roxana and Vincent have travelled a wild and rocky road on their soul mate journey to a place of bliss, expansion and growth. This is their beautiful story.

In Profile: Online Soul Mates

Sarita’s friend Kavida Rei, co-founder of deep dating site Sensual Spirit, talks about how all kinds of beautiful relationships can start online

In Profile: What We Want in Bed

Men and women give voice to their raw, uncensored desires about what they love about the opposite sex in bed.

In Profile: Beauty

A brief In Profile this month. We feature some inspiring words from Lucy and Siobhan, who have both worked with Sarita on her style and beauty, on how looking good affects our inner world.

In Profile: The Cathar Prophecy

As part of our series of blogs on predictions for our changing times, we are re-publishing an article by Bhagawati from Osho News. She writes about the the Cathar Prophecy made in 1244.

In Profile: Peter Deunov’s Prophecy

As part of our series of blogs on predictions for 2012 and beyond, this is Peter Deunov’s prophecy, made in 1944. He was a visionary living in Bulgaria in the early 20th Century. Find out more about him in Osho News.

In Profile: Tantric Love-Making

Two couples talk about their experiences of Tantric love-making; how it has helped them to integrate sex, love and spirit, and how it has shaped themselves, their lives and relationships.

In Profile: Meditation In Life

We profile Rohan, Amitabha, Shanti and others who have used meditation to enrich, heal and guide them through the challenges of life – from a major life-change to changing nappies!

Hello, World

Malika, Sarita’s newsletter editor and passionate follower of the Tantric path, found herself surprisingly turned onto life by a Saturday night out in Bristol!