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Meditation of the Month From Guthema Roba

“The best place
to practice kindness
is your own heart.

Sensorial Meditation for Lovers

Maintain a no speaking rule during the entire meditation. Sounds are fine, but do not use words. This will help your experience to go much deeper.

Meditation of the Month: Osho Tratak Meditation

This is one of the very first meditation series I practiced after meeting Osho. It opened me to the vast mystery of being and set me on the path of meditation in a very powerful way.

The Inner Light of Awareness – Meditation of the Month

By Osho

“If you light your inner lamp, suddenly the world disappears, and there is only the divine. The whole thing depends on your inner awareness or unawareness.

Discovering Your Sensorial Map – Meditation of the Month

To test your sensorial orientation, you can do the following exercise with a friend. Stand up and, with your eyes closed, imagine you are in front of a house. It could be a house you know, or a house you don’t know. Describe the house.

Sensorial Awakening

One of the beautiful songs, created by the Baul Mystics, of Bengal India, says:

 “All of us in different ways
Think of God
Beyond senses and feelings
And yet it is only
In the essence of loving
That God is found”

Meditation of the Month – Ho’oponopono

This Hawaiian Shamanic mantra is the ultimate for healing discord within yourself, with others and with the whole. By saying it, we are acknowledging that we are all connected in the web of life. If I have been hurt, it is because I offer myself to become hooked in the game of victim and aggressor.

Taoist Bone Breathing – Meditation of the Month

The following article is by Carolanne Wright, writer for Wake Up World. She introduces us to the miraculous ancient Chinese Bone Breathing Technique brought to the Western World by Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

Tantric Sexual Union – Meditation of the Month

This is a description of a Tantric Sexual Practice from a Hindu scripture, Gupta Sadhana Tantra, as recounted in the book: Spiritual Sex, by Nik Douglas.

The Essence of Love – Meditation of the Month

This is a powerful meditation from Eckhart Tolle’s jewel of a book,
Stillness Speaks.

Love and Meditation – Osho Quote

“Love is a silence, a joy, a peace, a blissfulness between two persons.
Meditation is the same experience of silence and peace and bliss-but alone.

Touch Your Eyes Lightly Like A Feather – Meditation of the Month

A Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation From Osho. 

Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Meditation of the Month

Angel Whispering and The Wheel of Life – Manifesting Your Highest Potential

A Honeymoon with Yourself – Meditation of the Month

When we love ourselves, only then will we be able to love another. Having a honeymoon with yourself is one of the best ways to initiate and continue self-love.

Worshipping Your Body As A Temple

This is a body Puja. It has the power to completely transform your life, to help you see and experience the divine as an ever-present reality within and without, above and below.

Osho Kundalini Meditation

This meditation awakens and balances Kundalini flow using a Yin approach. Osho recommended that it be done in the late afternoon. It helps to unwind from a day of work and begin your evening fresh and

Experiencing Sex as a Meditation

When we wish to explore sexual union as a meditation, it is very supportive to begin by creating sacred space. The place you do the meditation in should be clean and clear of clutter.

Meditation of the Month: Removing the Voices that are not yours

Osho, in sharing the method he used to become enlightened, spoke about this technique:

Become attentive to the voices in your head and learn to

Meditation of the Month – Osho Dynamic Meditation

This is Osho’s signature meditation. It is an active meditation for all ages, and in particular it is great for young people to transform all their swirling energy into a coherent and positive direction. I was introduced to it when I met Osho

Meditation of the Month: Enter the Soundless Sound

This is one of the 112 sutras from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, commented on by Osho in the Book of Secrets.

In the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Paravati is asking questions to Shiva, her Beloved, on the nature of life,