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CD Review; Gratitude By Tarisha

The crystal purity of Tarisha’s voice is soothing for the soul. She is a truly gifted songwriter and singer and this is highlighted beautifully in this album.

The Path of Practice by Bri. Maya Tiwari – Book Review

This book is an initiation, a revelation and a valuable companion for anyone who is interested in the Vedic approach to life.

Ayurveda, Life, Health and Longevity – Book Review

This small book written by Robert E. Svoboda is a gem which can transform our entire understanding regarding health and disease, empowering us to live at the optimum on all levels of being.

The Last Avatar – Film Review

This is a film by Jay Weidner, produced by Sharron Rose, starring Alexander Polinsky, Adey and Neale Donald Walsch.

When I first started watching this movie, (featured on Gaia TV) I thought it is really kitsch and even ridiculous. However, in spite of it appearing as a low budget, badly written and produced film, the message is very powerful and is actually important to watch and become aware of.

Love, Sex and Awakening By Margot Anand – Book Review

I just finished reading this marvellous autobiography by Margot Anand, Tantra Teacher extraordinaire. The book reveals Margot’s wisdom, passion, sincerity and humbleness. It is at the same time erotic and deeply spiritual.

Fantastic Fungi – Film Review

This is an unprecedented, unique film, Narrated by Brie Larson and starring Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan and Eugenia Bone. It also includes scientists and environmentalists, as they explore, reveal and explain the Mycellium network.

Living Energies – Book Review

Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger by Callum Coats
Anyone who is concerned about the environmental impact by humans and how to solve the multi- environmental and technological based problems besetting our world, will be benefitted greatly by reading this book.

PK – Film Review

This film is a Bollywood comedy starring Amir Khan.
It is a wonderful comedy and, unexpected for a comedy, contains deep soul searching and offers strong spiritual bullshit detecting as an integral part of the story line. It also contains a love story, of course, as well as a moderate amount of Bollywood dancing.

The Subject Tonight Is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz – Book Review

Translated by Daniel Ladinsky (Penguin Books)

Hafiz, the great Sufi Mystic Poet comes to life through the magnificent, vibrant renderings of his songs by Daniel Ladinsky. Most people have heard of the genius of Rumi and yet Hafiz was not really known in the West till Daniel Ladinsky began publishing translations of his poetry.

The Game Changers – Film Review

This is a 2018 documentary, available on Netflix, which follows the story of James Wilks, a top athlete. In order to cure himself quickly from an injury he adopts a vegan diet. His decision is based on a huge amount of research into the subject of nutrition. 

Dangerous Beauty – Film Review

Starring: Catherine McCormack and Rufus Sewell
Directed by: Marshall Herskovitz

This film was released in 1998 but is actually timeless in its content and message. It is a masterpiece! The film is based on a ‘true story’ as detailed in the book called The Honest Courtesan by Margaret Rosenthal.

India My Love by Osho – Book Review

This book reveals the true grandeur of India. It is a love poem, a song from the Lover to the Beloved with India being the Beloved. Osho focuses not on an ephemeral political history but on the eternal and mystical dimensions opened by the incredible depth and breadth of India’s spiritual research.

Spiritual Sex by Nik Douglas – Book Review

Secrets of Tantra from the Ice Age to the New Millennium

This book contains a treasure trove of information and interesting insights. It also contains astonishing pictures of archaic Tantra paintings and sculptures, unique quotes from Tantra scriptures and is generally compelling in every way. Anyone who is genuinely interested in Tantra will benefit greatly by reading it.

Medical Medium: Liver Rescue by Anthony William – Book Review

There are 46 Celebrity testimonials for the work of Anthony William in the beginning of this book. So, in case you are in any doubt whether you should read the book, you can now sit up and take notice. Anthony William is a modern-day healing phenomenon. People are calling him a Contemporary Edgar Cayce. He is a New York Times number one bestselling author.

Dying to Wake Up by Dr. Rajiv Parti – Book Review

A Doctor’s Voyage into the Afterlife and the Wisdom He Brought Back

This book is much more than a detailed account of a remarkable Near-Death Experience. It is most of all, a handbook for how to live your life from a place of wisdom and in service of deeper truth.

New Release and Review – Goddess Essence Meditation CD

I am so proud and happy about my new baby! This is a one-hour meditation CD created and produced by me with original music by my genius friend Praful Mystik.  

Order this meditation HERE

Book Review – Sex to Superconsciousness by Osho

This book is a pivotal game changer. Osho sparked a worldwide ‘lovolution’ by giving a series of public discourses between the years 1968 – 1970 delivered in Hindi. These discourses were transcribed and printed in book form with the title; ‘From Sex to Superconsciousness.’ This book has transformed the minds of millions, becoming Osho’s most widely read book. It also earned him the questionable title, ‘Sex Guru.’

Book Review – The Tao of Sexual Massage by Stephen Russel and Jurgen Kolb

This is a rare book, that offers both philosophical and practical step by step guidance in the art of Taoist Tantra Massage. Taoist teachings bring profound spiritual insights into Prana, energy meridians, the wui wei way of inaction within action, Yin and Yang.

Book Review – Women’s Anatomy of Arousal

Reviewed by Dharmaraj Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

Welcome to the Yoniverse! While also the name of chapter 5 of this book, it is a fitting and comprehensive welcome to the world of female sexual anatomy. This book is considered by many people, including myself, to be the bible of women’s sexuality.

Book Review – Travel Guide to Ladakh and Himalaya

The Essential Guide: Ladakh, Kashmir, Manali

By Partha S Banerjee

This book is really helpful for planning your trip to Ladakh and also for what to prioritise once you are there. The author waxes poetic as well, which makes this book more than just a travel guide.