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The Magic of Bali – Sarita’s Blog

At the time of writing, I have been living in Bali for 7 months. Life is a serendipitous journey and many seemingly random events led to me being here as the time of global lockdown happened. While many people in the world have been struggling and locked down for months at a time, I find myself to be in paradise on earth.

Love Poems Written by Sarita and Miquel – The Poems of the Month

This month I am celebrating my new love relationship by sharing two poems, one written by my Beloved for me and the other one written by me for him. Actually, each love poem, from any age, is eternally true for all human beings, because we are conceived in love, born into love, live in love and die into love.

Beauty and Health at Any Age

Living Out of the Box
Many people ask me what my secret is to remaining so young and vibrant looking, therefore I am writing this blog in response to those queries.

Sarita in the Hot Seat

Andrew Vyse of Tantralink asks Sarita about her arrival in India aged 17 and her initial influences; about sutras and the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Tantric Rituals and what is it that she does!

A Life Transforming Festival

I have never before been in a festival, which I felt offered so much power to change the world. This was the Osho Tantra Music and Dance Festival held at Zorba The Buddha in Delhi, India from 17—23 November 2014.

I would like to share the magic of this festival with people far and wide. Perhaps by reading this blog, you will be able to imbibe and savor some of the potent Alchemy of this event. The festival was miraculous in its divine, ecstatic quality.

Sarita’s Blog: The Pearl of Gratitude

In groups or conferences, people often tell me they are drawn towards me because they read that I lived  close to Osho for many years. Many people have told me that they experience Osho’s presence through me.

Sarita’s Blog – Tantra: Transformation of Poison into Nectar

A heavy and dramatic situation at the age of 14 opened into a mysterious and miraculous space of benediction.

Living Tantra: Sarita’s Blog

Sarita has been, and is still, travelling the world from one Tantra Festival to the other. Soon she will be living in two Tantra eco villages and, in this article, she expresses her enthusiasm in seeing that Tantra is indeed spreading to all corners of the world.

Tales of Last Year & Welcoming the New

To all fellow travellers on the path of love; blessings for a very joyous, fulfilling and abundant New Year!

Creating a Holistic Business: Sarita’s Blog

Business is one subject I never thought I would be writing a blog about. However, so many people have asked me to offer tips on how to live their passion and make a living doing so, that I decided to jump in the deep end and share my experience with this subject.

Portal of Love: Sarita’s Blog

THIS IS IT; the month we have been waiting for. Some people have been waiting with fear, or trepidation, some with excitement and enthusiasm, to discover what will happen on 21st December 2012.

The Power of Forgiveness: Sarita’s Blog

As we prepare for the New Year ahead and the new dawn of humanity, it is essential to clear up incomplete issues we carry with the people we have been, or are, close to.

Passionate Life: Sarita’s Blog

Sarita has always lived her life with passion – here she describes how, and the joy, beauty and abundance that comes from following your soul calling.

2012: The Ultimate De-Clutter

Beloved Friends: It feels like a big responsibility to deliver a New Years message, especially for the momentous year, 2012. After pondering over it, I have decided to keep it really down to earth, focused on the subject of de-cluttering.

The Essence of Life: Sarita’s Blog

By following the call of creativity, I found the essence of life. I was nine years old and sitting in the backyard of my parents’ home under a tree, lost in contemplation.

A Miraculous New Expansion: Sarita’s Blog

Sarita reveals how since May she has been leading a double life and is now ready to reveal an exciting new direction in her work. Following her enlightenment she is going to be co-teaching workshops with master Uezusan, called ‘Aisho’ or Radiant Love.