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Valentines Day Special Offer – Deepening Intimacy in Relationship

If you are looking for something more than the usual card, flowers or chocolates for the special person in your life this coming Valentines Day then we have just the thing for you. We’ve taken some of the particularly juicy bits from our amazing Master Lover online course  to create a truly sensuous and pleasure-filled experience guaranteed to make the day totally unforgettable!

The Power of Now and the Law of Attraction – Ask Sarita

Question: Hi Sarita. Please help me resolve this apparent dilemma: On the one hand we have to be in the present because the past and the future are just constructions in the mind.
On the other hand the law of attraction says

Tantra Teacher Training 2017-2019

An Invitation from Sarita

We are witnessing a huge upsurge of Tantra in the world. Tantra is now entering the mainstream. In fact, As Layla Martin says, “Tantra is the new Yoga!”

Cacao Ceremony on the Zoe Retreat in Corfu

The Zoe Retreat to be held on the magical island of Corfu in Greece on 16 – 22 July 2016 with Sarita and Chintan now includes the very special offer of a Sacred Cacao Ceremony as part of the group!

Sarita in the Hot Seat

Andrew Vyse of Tantralink asks Sarita about her arrival in India aged 17 and her initial influences; about sutras and the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Tantric Rituals and what is it that she does!

Zoe Evolves – Bruce & Sarita’s Final Day Talk

On the final day of the Zoe Retreat in 2014, Bruce and Sarita gave this inspiring talk. 

Tantra Man Training Feedback

The Tantra Man Training is a comprehensive, experiential journey into masculinity. Below is some feedback from recent participants and a very appreciative partner!

Mystic Tantra Massage Training Feedback

The Mystic Tantra Massage Training is an exquisite opportunity to experience and learn two of the most delicious and profound Tantra massages one could imagine. This training is suitable for individuals, couples and massage therapists and is run annually in a gorgeous holiday location by Sarita and initially Nisarga and now Suta.

A Life Transforming Festival

I have never before been in a festival, which I felt offered so much power to change the world. This was the Osho Tantra Music and Dance Festival held at Zorba The Buddha in Delhi, India from 17—23 November 2014.

I would like to share the magic of this festival with people far and wide. Perhaps by reading this blog, you will be able to imbibe and savor some of the potent Alchemy of this event. The festival was miraculous in its divine, ecstatic quality.

My journey from Sex to Superconsciousness

When I first attended the Sex to Superconsciousness, Chakra 1 workshop, little did I know that this journey would heal, expand and improve every area of my life.

Living Tantra: Sarita’s Blog

Sarita has been, and is still, travelling the world from one Tantra Festival to the other. Soon she will be living in two Tantra eco villages and, in this article, she expresses her enthusiasm in seeing that Tantra is indeed spreading to all corners of the world.

International Tantra Festival in Ibiza

Santoshi and Niten are thrilled to be hosting the first International Tantra Festival (23-28 September 2014) on this beautiful Spanish island! A cast of internationally renowned teachers in the field of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Dance and Music, including Sarita, have been invited to share their unique talent.

Welcome Home Wellness Retreat

Sarita invites you to her home for the Wellness Retreat
2-6 July 2014 at Chateau Bellevue, Dole, France
with Sarita, Nisarga & master chef Niten

Tales of Last Year & Welcoming the New

To all fellow travellers on the path of love; blessings for a very joyous, fulfilling and abundant New Year!

ZOE: Eternal Life and Love!

Dhyandeepa recalls the magic of Corfu and the blessings of ZOE, Sarita’s group on the stunning Greek island with Bruce Lyon this August, celebrating heaven, earth and Eternal Life.

Sex, Love and Abundance: Finding Fulfilment

Join world-renowned Tantra teacher Mahasatvaa Sarita at her first workshop in Bristol for 5 years! Spend a day discovering how you can use the power of sexual energy and the force of love to create the life you want.

Body, Mind and Soul Dancing in Harmony

True fulfillment happens when our body, heart and soul are all dancing together in harmony. Tantra is a lifestyle which helps us free up our ecstatic potential and breathe each moment in loving awareness, whether alone or with a partner. 

Ask Sarita: Finding Fulfilment In Love

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers a question on how to be fulfilled in relationship.

New Earth Being Born

Sarita tells all about the Tantra buzz in Poland including the creation of a Polish Tantra school and festival, the Venus Transit meditation, and the energies of the new Earth.

Ito Thermie Party in Tokyo

I thought I would share with you this wonderful photograph of Kohrogi Sensei. Not only is he a truly remarkable teacher of Ito Thermie and a renowned spiritual master, he’s also a wonderful performer!