According to internet pharmacy, there are many positive aspects of self-satisfaction. Studies determined that if a girl after unprotected sexual contact masturbates within an hour, then the probability of pregnancy increased several times. Orgasmic efforts and changes in acidity contribute to a higher possibility of pregnancy.

So sometimes masturbation helps you get pregnant. Orgasmic sensations also contribute to the release of endorphins, which have a calming effect, both: relaxing and analgesic. Masturbation improves the mood and can stop headaches and stomach aches. But we must limit ourselves within a civilized framework.

Keep in mind that the attitude to prescription drugs in is as strict as in conventional pharmacies. In any case, to buy these drugs, you need to have a prescription prescribed by your doctor. In most online pharmacies, it will be enough to show the prescription to the courier when receiving the drug. But in some pharmacies, the delivery of prescription drugs is not carried out, so you will have to drive up to the pharmacy and show the prescription personally.

We shouldn’t masturbate every day a few times, and we shouldn’t do it when we’re not interested and don’t masturbate to the detriment of getting pregnant – because if you focus on masturbation in order to avoid having children. American sexologist Kinsey conducted a study, which showed that 90% of people masturbate. So, if a friend says he/she is not masturbating, he/she is just lying. Nine out of ten people masturbate – and that’s fine. It’s a form of life. It’s just that we live in a society that doesn’t accept.