Tantra Massage

Tantra massage, in its pure form, harmonizes body, mind, emotions and soul. It can awaken a profound spiritual state of being.

Sex and spirit, inner child and adult, masculine and feminine, all are merged into the experience of our essential nature, which lies at the heart of duality.

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Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage Training

The Ultimate Tantra Mystic Massage one-month professional training is organized in a beautiful holiday setting with ample time for beach and relaxation woven through the training structure. In addition to the Tantra Massage training itself, we also offer yoga, active meditations, Tantra rituals, sharing and ecstatic dance. The teaching environment is sensitive and healing, supporting both men and women to experience heightened states of consciousness through the pleasure of massage. You will be given a detailed professional massage manual, making your job of learning these massages much easier and more pleasant.

The body is always in the Now. Using massage as an awareness technique, we can easily receive a transmission of the power of now, bringing us into deep communion with eternity beyond time and mind.

Suitable for singles, couples and massage therapists, the training focuses on the sublime art of Tantra Massage from the Kashmiri and Taoist Traditions as well as more contemporary Tantra Massage techniques. You will learn 4 distinct and powerful Tantra Massage methods that you can offer to clients, friends and lovers. Once you have learned the techniques, we recommend that you offer these as a 10-session package, a powerful, pleasurable and healing journey into total transformation.
3 Taoist Massage sessions
3 Kashmiri Massage sessions
3 Inner Alchemy Massage Sessions
1 Lasya Massage Session

These ancient and modern Tantra Massage techniques will bring your profession as a massage therapist to a whole new level. Authentic Tantra Massage is very much needed in today’s world and we find that our graduates are in hot demand after the training.

If you are doing this Training as a couple, you may discover deep transformation, opening you and your partner to increased pleasure, sensuality and intimacy.

The Training also helps individuals to connect in a more conscious and sensitive way with clients, friends and lovers.