Training as a Tantra Teacher

It has become very apparent that Tantra is an ever growing and expanding market throughout the world. Sarita and several members of her team are overwhelmed by the demand for groups in more and more countries. It is important for the well-being of people everywhere that quality Tantra spreads to as many places as possible to help evolve consciousness, love and bliss in this world.

If you are interested in teaching Tantra to both men and women and also to couples*, the course for you is the Tantra Essence Teacher Training. This is both the longest and the most in-depth of our teacher training courses and is open to both men and women. The Goddess Essence Teacher Training is open to women only and prepares participants to teach the 4 part Goddess Essence series of groups.

Tantra Essence Teacher Training

– Become a World Class Tantra Teacher

Sarita offers a residential Tantra Teacher’s Training consisting of four parts, each part lasting two weeks, held over a two year period.

The training is offered in English and runs every 2 years. Programmes start in April 2019 and in 2021.

For module dates, places etc see the calendar.

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The training is based on the Sex to Superconsciousness series of weekends. These weekends move through the chakra system in an experiential way. One weekend covers one chakra at a time. By the end of the first year of the Tantra Teacher Training, the graduates should be able to teach chakra weekends 1-4. By the end of the 2nd year, graduates should be able to teach chakras 5-7. As the chakra system and its inherent lessons forms the backbone of all Tantra Teaching, this training will empower budding teachers to not only teach these 7 weekends, but also to evolve their own creative style of Tantra teaching.

The training takes you on an experiential journey into Kundalini Energy and the 7 Chakras, supporting you to dive deeply into your own self transformation. The Chakra Map is fundamental for embodying Tantra and for unfolding your own potential. The teaching is so rich in diversity that you will end up with a wide range of skills, all aimed at helping you to support others in evolving on the Tantra Path.

The training is designed in such a way that after experiencing the awakening and transformation of each chakra through methods of active or silent meditation / rituals, dance, massage, emotional release, sacred theatre and sensorial awakening, you will then be working in teams to present and teach what you have learned. In this way, you will be on a fast track for optimizing your skills. You will also receive coaching and evaluation sessions from the teachers and their assistants. By experiencing evaluation of your own teaching, plus the evaluations of your peers, you will soon begin to excel in facilitating. You will be filmed while presenting discourses or teaching and will then have the opportunity to see this on a big screen together with your peers.

Sarita says “It has been my supreme joy to see my apprentices flower into teachers over the years. Another way of becoming a Tantra Teacher is to participate in the two year Tantra Teacher Training, which is a hothouse environment for developing the multifaceted skills necessary for becoming a high calibre Tantra Teacher.”

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Goddess Essence Teacher Training

– Become a Tantra Teacher for Women

Programmes start in November 2019 (in Chinese) and in February 2020 (International).

For module dates, places etc see the calendar.

Sarita says “I have embraced the Goddess within through many years of Meditation, Tantra and Holistic Healing practices. I invite you to discover the fullness of your own inner potential, as a lover, a mother / creator and as a wise woman – to dance in celebration, to be multi orgasmic, to know love in everyday life and to live in awe of your own beauty.”

By embracing these facets in yourself you may find yourself overflowing, sharing with other women, and inspiring them to be empowered. All women deserve to live their Goddess Essence!

The Goddess Essence Teacher Training is based on the Goddess Essence groups. During the training, you will be experiencing these groups for your own personal evolution and will also have the opportunity to practice teaching, together with your peers. Graduates will become teachers of this powerfully transformative woman’s work and share it around the world. Women everywhere will be benefited, empowered and uplifted!

The teacher training includes:

• Physical, emotional and spiritual awakening as a woman.
• Opening 3 magical doors within:- 1) self-love 2) loving others 3) loving the whole.
• Practical youthing and beauty secrets.
• How to awaken undreamed of sexual pleasure and ecstasy through a methodology which is tailored just for women.
• Expanding a woman’s feminine potential and power to include her Goddess nature, she who is custodian of birth, death, holds the evolutionary key for humanity and as Shakti holds the secret behind all emotional states
• Opening to clairvoyance and the ability to be wise woman a healer for herself and for all women.
• Understanding how to follow the spiritual path which is attuned to your feminine nature.
• How to have fun with and appreciate women of various backgrounds and cultures.
• How to guide women on the Goddess Essence Journey.
• How to hold and guide small or large groups of women into positive transformation

For a full description of the groups you can teach once you have graduated, see here.. They are offered as 4 x 3 day groups or as 2 x 6 day groups.

The Goddess Essence Teacher Training is offered either as two modules of 21 days each within a two year period, or four x 10 day modules also over a two year period.

The Soul Mate Training for Couples

* To teach the Soul Mate Training for Couples individuals/couples will need to have completed:
1. all 7 levels of the Soul Mate training for Couples as participants.
2. The tantra teacher training.
3. A repetition of the Soul mate training as assistants/apprentices to Sarita. Further training/development work may be required before Sarita’s approval to teach will be given.