Tantra for Individuals

“I’ve never experienced so much healing, bliss, fun, and love in just 6 days. I feel reborn. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with so much support and safety.”
Shanti, Sacred Sexuality

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Tantra for Lovers

This training has brought us closer in spite of adventures and challenges in our personal lives. The Soul Mate journey has been very craftfully created, taking couples from the most dense relationship issues and aspects, ultimately to the most subtle and sublime. It is a much needed, rare and special education experience for couples and humanity. I am in deepest gratitude and love.
Julia, after participating in Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 7

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Tantra Meditation Retreats

“I love this Tantra week so much, it feels like the fastest way I’ve ever done to experience the higher me, the free me, the woman me. I feel aligning with all the bits of me, which were scattered and disregarded. I’m so grateful to you. It’s not quite possible to tell you how much.”

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On-Line Courses

“What a great opportunity this is! The web is such a great medium and this is the perfect way to open up and make meditation and Tantra available around the world. …When I practise the meditations I feel I have a beautiful friend guiding me and holding my hand when I need it.”
Shantidas, Germany

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Private Sessions

A session with Sarita can change your life in many ways. I walked out of the room after the session and found the grass and the trees shining more brilliantly in the sunshine than i had ever noticed before. The French woman sitting under the parasol was radiant too – and in all innocence I told her so. The universe moves in mysterious ways. Now I have changed my house, my country and my language, and love is my meditation.
Tameer, France

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