Tantra statueOcean of Bliss Couples Retreat

The Ocean Of Bliss Couples Retreat is based on Osho’s esoteric teachings on Tantric sexual union. A wide range of his discourses and suggestions on this topic have been condensed into this powerful, life transforming journey to the very heart of Tantric Sexuality, love and relationship.

Love and intimacy is a rich ground for the flowers of Tantra to blossom. Through Tantra, we can easily access our full potential for union of opposites, Godliness and bliss.

Over his many years of discourses and guidance into the heart and soul of Tantra, Osho has offered many master keys explicitly for uniting in love.

During this retreat, we will be unveiling these exquisite teachings and offering the space for each couple to go to the privacy of their bedroom to experiment with Osho’s divine transmission during lovemaking. This group includes, breath, movement, dance, emotional release, active and silent meditations, massage, sharing and ritual as well as Osho discourses on the subject of Tantra. So, come melt with your beloved to meet with your true self

During this retreat you will be offered practical instruction for:

  • Tantra Practices in your bedroom with your Beloved each day
  • The art of Meditation in Tantra
  • How to prolong the sex act
  • Enhance every aspect of your pleasure potential
  • Awakening your Inner Male / Inner Female; discovering the inner marriage of yin and yang
  • Tantra Ritual
  • Tantra Massage
  • Revitalise your energy and awakening inner ecstasy

Osho says:
“While making love, three things have to be remembered:
One is: before you make love, meditate … The second thing is: when you are making love, before you start, worship the partner and let the partner worship you … Then in the third step, you make love…”

This retreat is a rare opportunity to be immersed in the blessings of Osho’s teachings on Tantra as a direct transmission, through his beloved disciple Sarita & Tantra Essence team.