Private Sessions

Tantra Essence session givers are highly skilled in their field of expertise with clear ethics and integrity. Browse here to find a session that will best help you to advance deeper into the heart of Tantra. Please contact the session giver directly to organise timing, pricing and payment for your session.

The list of session givers for each type of session is under the description of the session and you can click on the link to be in contact with them. Some sessions are by skype while others needs to be done in person. Many of the session givers travel and teach all over the world, so clients may need to travel in order to meet the session giver.

Tantra Coaching (skype or in person)

This session supports you to discover answers to any questions you may have around sexuality, love and relationship, and spirituality.
Dharmaraj / Sarita / Suta / Vibha

Integrating Sexuality, Love and Spirituality (in person)

This session may include massage and other healing modalities, nurturing you to experience the embodiment of Tantra, including Kundalini Awaking and the integration of your chakras from the base chakra to the crown chakra.
Dharmaraj / Sarita / Suta

Mystic Tantra Massage (in person)

This session may include Taoist Tantra Massage or Kashmiri Tantra Massage, bringing a harmony of opposite polarities within leading to a divine integration of power and vulnerability, love and consciousness, sexuality and spirituality.
Dharmaraj / Sarita / Suta

Couples Sessions (skype or in person)

This session may include coaching on sexuality, improving relationship dynamics, and initiation into Tantra Meditation as a couple.
Dharmaraj / Sarita / Suta

Group Satsang (in person)

Invite one of these spiritually expanded beings to give you and a group of people a Tantra oriented Spiritual Transmission
Sarita / Suta

Angel, Oracle and Spirit Guide Sessions (skype or in person)

Discover the wisdom of the oracle or receive the blessing of angels and ascended masters in these powerfully life transforming sessions
Dharmaraj / Sarita

Colour Light Therapy (in person)

These sessions use a profoundly effective healing modality using colour and light on particular acu-points on the skin, cleansing issues from the physical, emotional, psychological and soul levels.
Dharmaraj / Sarita / Vibha

‘Ultimate’ Private Tantra Retreat (in person)

This is a weeklong exclusive VIP Retreat for discerning individuals or couples who would like to transform their sexual, relationship and spiritual being.

Tantra Healing Energy (skype and in person)

Learn how to use Tantra Tachyon Products to maximise your sexual pleasure and spiritual potential.
Dharmaraj / Sarita

The Session Givers