Online Articles
by Ma Ananda Sarita

Sarita loves to write and has written many articles for various online publications including Vivid Life, Osho World, Osho News and Your Tango. Links to these online articles have been loosely divided into the categories below although many articles could easily fit into several categories – happy exploring!

You can find more articles by Sarita on her Blog so please also check these out and leave your comments and questions. Her Magazine Articles can be found here and are also included as links in the categories above.

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Tantra: The Mud & the Lotus
Tantra: Sensual Fulfilment
Tantra: The Elixir of Imortality
Tantra Alchemy: The Meeting of Contradictions
Tantra: Sex, Love and Spirit
Ultimate Unification
Tantra: A Lifestyle Approach – Integrating Spirituality, Love and Sexuality
Questions on Tantra

Tantric History & Lineages

The Meaning and History of Tantra
Understanding Tantra Lineages

Sarita’s Story

Sarita in Search of the Essence of Life

Tantric Meditation and the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra – An Exquisite Map for Living
Living a Tantric Lifestyle
Self Love & Bringing Acceptance


Tantra: Learning the Language of Orgasm
Tantra and the Arts of Love
Let’s Talk about Sacred Sex
Sexual Fulfilment for Couples
What is Sex Addiction and can it be Cured?
Can Tantra Improve Your Sex Life
Can Sex and Spirituality go together?


Chakras: The Tantra Map for a Fulfilling Relationship
The Chakra System as a Spiritual Path

Sexuality & The Divine Feminine

Tantra and the Divine Feminine
Women’s Orgasmic Response
Women’s Sexual Fulfilment
Is Something Stopping You from having Great Sex?
How to be Irresistible in Bed

Sexuality & The Divine Masculine

Tantra and the Divine Masculine
Man’s Sexual Fulfilment


Tantra: Harmony in Relationship
The Relationship between the Sexes


How to Express Emotions in a Conscious Way
Jealousy – How to understand it and let it go

Health & Beauty

Optimum Health
Beauty & Longevity


Positive Addiction
Anatomy of Abuse
Methods to Heal Abuse

Money & Abundance

Money – The Flow of Abundance