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by Ma Ananda Sarita

Living a Tantric LifestyleLiving a Tantric Lifestyle
Sarita talks about Tantra in daily life – Published in Paradigm Shift 51 March 2011

At the end of a Tantra group, people often ask; “How can I bring this amazing discovery into my daily life?” … And what of those people who have not been to a Tantra group, but would like to experience it? Or people who need a bit more detailed explanation? Or those who believe Tantra is only about sex and never realized it can be applied to all aspects of daily life? This article is for you! …

Tantra – Sexual Fulfilment for Couples
In Paradigm Shift 50, Jan-Mar 2011, Sarita reveals Master Keys for fulfilling sex.

Who has not dreamed of discovering how to live an ecstatic sexual life with a love partner? This longing transcends race, creed, nationality and epoch. It is a universal and timeless human longing, and rightly so, for it is through sex that our specious can continue to exist. Ancient societies in India, China, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia and Japan discovered that there are hidden keys in the sexual act to open all the doors of fulfilment for human beings, whether those doors be for pleasure, for love and relating, for creativity or for spiritual awakening. Read the Article…

Paradigm Shift 49Woman’s Sexual Fulfilment
In Paradigm Shift, 49, Nov-Dec 2010, Sarita explains how women can find sexual and spiritual fulfilment.

Sarita says the woman is the womb for all of life; she is also the birth giver and the spiritual mother for this world. If she is weak, and unaware of her own ecstasy, she will give birth to a world based on a collapsed feminine and an over aggressive masculine, as we see today. This situation can change rapidly if women everywhere can open up to their own divinity and power. Read the article…

Paradigm Shift 48The Chakra System as a Spiritual Path
Sarita answers questions in Paradigm Shift, 48, Aug-Nov 2010.

Sarita tells us that for thousands of years in the East, particularly in India, the chakra system has been used as a map to help spiritual seekers find their eventual reunion with source, or what is commonly referred to as Enlightenment. The frequency of each chakra represents a particular life lesson – learn more about the life lessons in this article. Read the article…

Paradigm shift cover 47Tantra: A Lifestyle Approach: Integrating Spirituality, Love and Sexuality
Article by Sarita, published in Paradigm Shift, Issue 47, Jun-Aug 2010. Sarita talks about her mission to change people’s perception of Tantra, and how it worships all aspects of life.

“Tantra is a red hot topic. Just for fun, try announcing to any group of friends, acquaintances or colleagues that you are into Tantra, and enjoy the reaction, which may range from raised eyebrows, to shock, horror, disgust or extreme curiosity. And why is this?…” Read the article…

Kindred Spirit MBSF 2011Mind Body Spirit Festival Interview
Sarita was interviewed by Kindred Spirit for their special issue: Mind Body Spirit Festival, May 2010, during which she also ran a workshop.

First question: What do you think the biggest misconception about tantra is in the west?
Second last question: Many MBS commentators and personalities are talking about a quickening or awakening that is happening on a global scale, tied into the 2012 date. Working as you do with energy, do you have any sense of that? Read the article..

Tree of Life 08-09Let’s talk about Sacred Sex
Interview with Sarita by Marketa Rozsypalova, published in The Tree of Life, Winter 2008/09.

Sarita answers questions like “What is Tantra?” and “Can sex and spirituality go together?” “We can enter into Tantra through any door. It could be, as I said, through emotions or senses or sexuality or whatever door is relevant to the person in the moment…” Read the article..

Kindred Spirit 93Ultimate Unification
An article by Sarita in Kindred Spirit, Issue 93, July / Aug 2008.

“Perhaps the Western mind has become fixated on the sexual dimension of Tantra simply because we have undergone 2,000 years of sexual repression. Certain influential individuals created a spiritual world view which repressed women and consequently diminished our potential of having direct access to the…” Read the article..