The Power of NowTantac: The Power of Now

Tachyon and Tantra teachings both work with coming into the present moment, becoming love itself, and the dissolution of ego based mind and conditioning.

Combining Tantra with Tachyon

This new course has been developed by Ma Ananda Sarita and Soham who have taken the popular group Vertical Reality 1 and infused it with Tantra methods, blending the ancient methodology of Tantra with the modern science of Tachyon. This amazing synthesis opens up a whole new level of understanding and transformation which is pure nectar.

The Vertical Reality 1 course was originally created by David Wagner to help people regain natural vertical alignment in everyday life. We often have flashes of an enlightened state during personal development groups of all kinds, and then lose this after the group is over. With the support of the Vortex pendant, you can maintain balance and accelerate your creative potential.

This course supports you to:

  • Come into the present moment
  • Open to love and intimacy
  • Accelerate your spiritual or creative journey
  • Bring you into resonance with your true nature
  • Dissolve ego-based mind and conditioning
  • Release stagnant energy
  • Shed a fragmented state of being and return to pristine wholeness
  • Prepare yourself for the consciousness shifts of 2012
  • Open and vertically align your chakra system
  • Deepen your meditation and awaken your intuition
  • Heal wounds of the past
  • Maintain your vertical alignment indefinitely with your Tachyon pendant

Tachyon & Tantra

Tachyon and Tantra teachings both work with coming into the present moment, becoming love itself, and the dissolution of ego based mind and conditioning. Tantra uses meditation with sensorial awakening, and Tachyon focuses on opening the vertical channel running from crown chakra to base chakra, releasing any stagnation which prevents us from being one with all that is. The combination of these two powerful teachings is bound to create radical transformation in participants. This group is suitable for both newcomers to Tantra and Tachyon and also for those who have already experienced one or both of these modalities and wish to accelerate and deepen their journey.

Listen to Sarita talk about the nature of Tachyon in the video below (excerpted from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Online Meditation Series). Watch…

Sarita and Soham get excited about their new group on video: Watch…

Soham on Tachyon harmonizing and protecting our bodies and homes: Watch…

Soham (formerly known as Qiming) talks on BlogTalkRadio about how Tachyon energy can help harmonize and heal our bodies, our pets, our homes and working environments. Listen to the interview…

The Tachyon Vortex Pendant

An integral part of this group is to receive a very special Tachyonized™ Crystal Vortex pendant invented by David Wagner, together with master crystal cutter Drew Tousley. This pendant helps support the ongoing effects of your awakening and integration process and it helps maintain a natural flowing energetic system after the group is over.

Wearing the pendant assists the chakra system to return to an open and flowing state. Blocked chakras no longer have any relevance – a vertically aligned chakra system means that we are open to the descent of grace on a continual basis.