Testimonials from Tantra for Individuals

First I would like to say thank you so much for an awesome and inspiring workshop. I had almost no expectations for this workshop and it allowed me to open up in so many ways it is unbelievable. I have been experiencing strong sensations in my body, there is a fresh aliveness in how I relate to myself, others, how I touch my clients and how I hold the space in general. I have been longing and waiting for directions and following signs that show me where to go, I feel I have arrived. I would like to deepen my tantra experience with you and very much can see myself teaching it to others one day.
Tania  (Alternatives 2011)

I was so impressed and liberated by my first ever Tantra experience at the Alternatives weekend. It was a very precious moment of awakening for me. The experience was much more than I had expected or hoped for and it really came at a time when I needed it most. I send my most profound thanks to Sarita, Suta and the other helpers.
D M (Alternatives event, London)

Thanks again for an amazing workshop. I feel like a different person. The energy that you created during the workshop was alive with love, trust and sacredness.

Just wanted to say how much I got from the workshop. My experiences there have affected me on a very deep level. I feel freer and more in my power than I ever have done. Naturally this has had a very positive affect on my relationship. I look forward to journeying with you again in the near future. I also wanted to say how much I appreciate you and how you share your gifts and wisdom. I find you awesome!

Everything is alive, fresh and vibrant. The eyes in particular are working in a way that sees everything as if its colour has been enhanced. Things seem to radiate around me. Trees, animals, people, rocks… Everything. Its texture, its shape, the way it flows. Work before seeing you in June was boring. Work now is still boring but I watch and feel the boredom flow through me and laugh and giggle at its effects. So it’s no longer boring! Watching thoughts come and go. Watching emotions grow then fade. Experiencing tiredness and alertness. Smiling at some of the little voices as they whisper and shout. One loving and compassionate, the other seems to complement it by having a nasty streak. Every day has been amazing since last visiting Croydon Hall in its own way. Life is showing itself off in so many ways, like a proud peacock.

Tantra Man – Tantra Woman

The energy when we put on the show of Tantra women will stay with me for the rest of my life. I felt like a goddess, empowering, sensuous and respected by men. It was a profound and life changing moment. I enjoyed the intimacy of connection with women which has helped me deal with my fear of being with women.

I liked the humour … it loosened the fear. They know what they are talking about, they have experience so I feel comfortable and safe. I feel more I can be a vulnerable man and see women from the heart and not from my eyes. It has given me a new approach to life, I will see my wife from another side.

It had a deep but subtle effect, a sense of boundaries melting; first between women then between everybody. I felt like I finally joined the human race!

The workshop gave me the gift of believing it is possible for me to be in a relationship. This was an impossible dream beforehand. I have no experience how to give and receive love. The workshop gave me some confidence and made me able to open up and share with trustful men, in a safe environment with wonderful teachers. I gave and received touch and caring which healed me a lot.

Nurture yourself, challenge yourself, expand yourself… I did all these and much more on the course. A beautiful gift I will cherish forever.

Sacred Sexuality

Your teaching was brilliant, and very professional, your sharing was exquisitely touching, vulnerable, sensitive and open and I think every one of us felt privileged to be there. With deep love and gratitude.

I wait no longer, as I AM ME. I feel absolutely alive, every cell of my being pulsating with love. All I want to do is to feel the sun’s rays shine upon me and throw myself into a bed of yummy flowers. The smallest of things bring me the greatest joys: to feel a blade of grass and to know it is different to the neighbouring blade, but all the same nevertheless… just as we are as human beings. I am in true ecstatic bliss. I AM HERE, and I am me, activated in my power and potential by Sarita’s work. I stand by the truth, love and wisdom of it and know it holds such strength and potency for all on the path of realising their God-self.

I’ve never experienced so much healing, bliss, fun, and love in just 6 days. I feel reborn. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with so much support and safety.

This was an absolutely wonderful course and I have had massive breakthroughs and shifts on it with regard to my sexual self-expression, playfulness, relating to others, joy, laughter and FUN! I have done many years of personal development courses but all of them melt away to nothing in comparison to this! This course reaches those parts that other courses do not reach – in fact they’re not even on the starting block! The course is challenging and confronting but immense fun! I thank Sarita and Suta from the bottom of my heart for their immense knowledge, wisdom, compassion, enthusiasm and playfulness. Thank you!

I appreciated the spirituality and the safety of the group structure and the way I was nourished by the quiet times in the midst of the challenging fireworks!

I loved, laughed, sang, danced, wept tears of joy and sadness and met a group of people I fell in love with.

Ups and downs, joy and sorrow, tears and laughter: did it all and achieved things which seemed almost impossible before. The week has passed so quickly, but I’ve done so much, grown so much in such a short time. And in the presence of some wonderful, loving people, new friends. Give this gift to yourself and you won’t regret it!

Oneness and duality, the divine and the animal, the higher and the lower were all concepts, words; this programme and especially Sarita and Suta provided an experience in an environment that was safe, masterfully crafted and had love as its central ingredient. Healing past traumas with the utmost of ease. I’d have missed a major turning point in my spiritual journey had I not come here and would have wandered in the corridors of uncertainty, confusion and frustration. My heartfelt prayers and love to all and I bow down to Sarita.

The course was absolutely mind-blowing and has left me feeling deeply nourished on every level. I found Sarita to be the most incredible workshop leader I have ever encountered (and I have been doing groups and workshops for many years), she combines grace, compassion, lightness, intuition and deep wisdom. At all times I felt safe and ‘held’ and the structures, although challenging, were all offered in a spirit of invitation with plenty of support and encouragement. It was fine to say no at any point and because of this, most of the group were able to say yes to all of the exercises.
I have been able to clear some very deep stuff and I feel and look a lot lighter according to the friends who have seen me since I returned. I feel alive, desirable and energised!