Testimonials from Private Sessions

A session with Sarita can change your life in many ways. I walked out of the room after the session and found the grass and the trees shining more brilliantly in the sunshine than i had ever noticed before. The French woman sitting under the parasol was radiant too – and in all innocence I told her so. The universe moves in mysterious ways. Now I have changed my house, my country and my language, and love is my meditation.
Tameer, France

Sarita is a true master of healing; it’s a unique privilige to spend two hours with her. The healing was extrardiarily potent and the revelations were amazing. After my series of sessions I feel like a reborn woman.
Odyle, UK

It’s Incredible. You realise who you really are. I realised the past and future are not really in a line – they are all present now. In all the lives ive visited i’ve scratched at the same problem – like the theme of a film. It was always the same thing that made the ego suffer but that wasnt really me. You see when it is a theatre. The work Sarita does is to clean the illusions so you can see that the person who lives is just the experiencing.
Cecile, France