Testimonials from Tantra Retreats

Just simply being in Sarita’s presence opened my heart into the feeling of easiness and lightness. I felt free to be myself, to be the way I am, and to celebrate the mystery of my body.

The transmission that took place in this retreat can’t really be expressed in words, but yes I see a new opening within me.

Sarita is a fountain of wisdom and her words were like nectar that I enjoyed drinking. Chintan is playfulness embodied and he made us all laugh while sharing beautiful insights into life.

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Retreat is a wonderful experience. It is a life transformation for me. I believe I will start something new in my life. It was just phenomenal.

A very gentle, sensitive, respectful approach to Tantra. Sarita combines deep meditation and playful exercises to explore sexuality and sensuality in an experiential way. I would really recommend this retreat to anyone interested in exploring and celebrating their sensual-sexual nature. Thank you so much Sarita for creating such a beautiful and safe context in which to do this work. I feel more alive and joyful from having done this retreat.

I feel like the whole wisdom of the entire universe has come to me. Each meditation was very powerful and strong, leaving a blueprint in my body. I feel many seeds have been planted in me, which can grow and flower through the rest of my life, helping me to live it freely and joyfully. I can feel that lots of my past wounds have been healed. Thank you Sarita!
Ma Prem Amrita

I have enjoyed the rich tapestry of meditations experienced during this retreat. Sarita is an inspirational teacher with real knowledge, sensitivity and such a playful nature.

I am going home invigorated, inspired, liberated and in anticipation of miracles and I cannot wait to deepen the process I have begun.

This is the ultimate workshop you have created! A complete journey into love, sex, pleasure, consciousness and meditation!

I love the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Retreat so much, it feels like the fastest way I’ve ever done to experience the higher me, the free me, the woman me. I feel aligning with all the bits of me, which were scattered and disregarded. I’m so grateful to you. It’s not quite possible to tell you how much.

The level of trust and love and the humour created such a foundation that anything and everything is possible. It is so jubulously wonderful! Things were kept moving; so much change without effort. The transformation in the group was astounding. It is the most beautiful journey I have ever taken.