Testimonials from Tantra for Women

The Goddess Essence Training: Woman’s training for the new dawn is a four part training led by Sarita and female co-teachers from the Tantra-Essence team. Below is some feedback from participants:

“Despite centuries of negativity about the feminine and feminine sexuality, the Goddess is waiting. So as to meet her, it is necessary to have a secure space. Sarita and her team are able to switch energy within hours!”
Anne Robert

“It’s a wonderful gift to have met you on my evolution path. After ten years of psychotherapy, I access to a spiritual level that is wonderful and rich with experiences of deep transformation. You created a sacred space, going back to the self, and a potential to step out of space and out of time, for more freedom, more beauty and more spirituality. All women should dare to meet their deep nature, should know that such a possibility exists, and should heal, so as to care for the world. Thank you! A step towards happiness for oneself, a step towards happiness for the whole humanity.”

“During these three days I could connect with my deep feminine, the softness and the power of being a woman. All exercises were, from the very first minute, like a thread that unfolded with fluidity and with a clarity that surprised me. I let go, I followed and I met myself. Thank you.”
Christiane Chameau

“To go to the source, to discover spring, and to allow men and women to refresh themselves in freedom and awareness.”

“This group is rich of experiences for oneself and of sharings with other women. We discover and develop our full potent of being a woman. Goddess Essence is beneficial to every woman to discover this precious knowledge – often coming from ancient wisdom – that can be integrated into our modern western lifestyle.”

“In security and simplicity, I could receive a teaching that is precious for me as a woman, precious for each woman in this world wherever she may be from, and precious for humanity. It is urgent that more and more women start such
work on consciousness, on the richness and the treasures that live in the uterus. Without women, the world would head for disaster. There is still time for women to wake up, and make contact in joy, aliveness and light, the wisdom and the power that inhabit us. Let us dare to be who we are…”


“These were strong, direct and head-on experiences! The group of women is a great support, because when I don’t dare, they have the courage and that gave me strength to go through. I really think I went through a wall, towards more freedom so that life can flow better, into more aliveness. I liked this group because with much love, we REALLY went into experience, in practice, and that can only transform. This group really transforms and opens to more of the feminine, more connection, more joy, more pleasure, more life. Thank you!

“I am very grateful for this marvelous transmission of knowledge and beautiful energies. I lived powerful moments, enriching and full of joy. Thanks for organizing this group that taught me to celebrate my Goddess. Those moments connected me to the universal feminine and to women – as friends, not as competitors. Thank you for the variety, complexity, sophistication and advanced quality of the techniques, very powerful and touching. Thank you!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had come with many fears, which I named at the beginning. My intention was to
open my heart. The processing of this workshop, its rhythm, the sequencing of the sessions is really on the mark. At each stage, I was getting closer to my barriers, the reason why I came. I re-established the connection (that I had lost those last years) with my ecstasy. I discovered again my potential, that connects myself internally through my axis to the Universe, to the healing potential, to what has always been there, that I didn’t know how to connect with and that I was looking for. But above all through the last exercise, I really put my finger on my biggest barrier: DOUBT, which brings me to fear of not hearing, not seeing, not understanding, etc…, etc.. The Goddess I gave birth to gave me the message:
“TRUST ME, I AM HERE”. All my gratitude.”
Anne Petit