Testimonials from Tantra for Lovers

This training has brought us closer in spite of adventures and challenges in our personal lives. The Soul Mate journey has been very craftfully created, taking couples from the most dense relationship issues and aspects, ultimately to the most subtle and sublime. It is a much needed, rare and special education experience for couples and humanity. I am in deepest gratitude and love.
Julia, after participating in Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 7

The soul mate training is the most significant, centred, loving, integrative, expansive and spiritual training I have ever embarked on – cutting through duality and providing a rich, safe and loving, as well as challenging space in which body, spirit, soul and psyche can be brought together in harmony. I am 57 and a minister of religion, and yet despite undertaking a great deal of personal experiential growth work, I have never experienced and attained the sense of peace that this course offers. More and more I have learned how to live in the ‘now’.
Rory, after participating in Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 7

It was a reconnection with something very, very ancient, deep and sacred. It feels like a new beginning. It is taking the first real steps into Tantra with my partner. I am very grateful for being guided into this experience.
Prasthano, after participating in Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 4

The visual, the auditory, olfactory and kinaesthetic applied to Tantra and the couple are a magical, delicious and strengthening cocktail for love.
Maurice, after participating in level 3 (about the meditation using the senses)

Beautiful discovery and beautiful uses for expanding the relationship.
Michelle, psychotherapist and consultant, level 3

We have tasted the vibrations of love, licked the sensuous, touched the sacred, danced the universal sounds, sung the emotion of the heart, and tamed the light.
Anne-France, therapist, level 3

I have experienced a great transformation in the sex act. I have felt much more presence, intensity and strength. This has happened each time after using a meditation on the senses.
Michel, company director, level 3

The meditations have opened me to experience my deepest longings, to know my roots as woman and find deep connection to earth, mother earth. I feel that deep connection in lovemaking in ways I have never experienced before, becoming earth, and opening, surrendering to the universe. This experience has opened me to experience my partner in ways I have never known before, experiencing the energy of man and woman in truth. We have a wonderful deep connection of love I didn’t know possible, only a dream before.
Rachael, level 6

A powerful journey that has transformed our relationship, bringing a love depth of connectedness I didn’t imagine could grow so quickly. Sarita is a wonderful teacher who holds a true source of knowledge, unique and inspirational, overflowing with light and beauty.
Pete, after participating in Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 6

What I loved about this training from the very beginning was the direct experience of Tantra, embracing what is. And the incredible transformation that comes when I enter into the moment, into myself, into my love and my sexual energy, just as it is. Each level of the training has been a beautiful and heartful space in which I have entered more and more deeply into myself and into my beloved. From this starting point, an incredible journey has unfolded. Hand in hand with my beloved we have found ourselves dancing down such a juicy path, leaving the old familiar ways and entering the new together, like two snakes shedding our old skins and becoming naked to the unknown.
I have felt incredibly loved and supported on this journey by Sarita, encouraged to trust the unfolding of this mystery and also to embrace all the aspects that are there, the light and the dark. I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow in love surrounded by such loving friends. This training is a love bomb!

Divyam, after participating in Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 6

A journey into the secrets held inside of me of love. A journey of sharing this love with my beloved and melting into each other, becoming ‘lovingness’. A journey to the stars and back home.
Keerti, after Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 6

Lifetimes of wisdom, and experience are contained in this training… It is a journey into love, with love, through love, beyond love, …to dissolve into the One. Words cannot express my gratitude to you both and to the source of your teachings and guidance.
Martin, UKCP psychotherapist, after Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 7

As a rationalist I am astounded at the insights I have gained, both into myself on a practical level but also into a spiritual side of me, which I never suspected even existed. The results have enriched my life and relationship beyond all my imaginings. (The next hurdle is mixing this new me with a career).
Julian, after Soul Mate Training for Couples, level 7