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The course consists of seven video sessions you can watch when convenient:

  • Free Introduction ( watch here…)
  • Part 1: Sex, Birth and Death / The Senses
  • Part 2: The Body / Purification and Healing
  • Part 3: Love and Relating / Devotion
  • Part 4: Creativity / Knowledge
  • Part 5: Elevation to Higher Consciousness / Silent Meditation – Witnessing
  • Part 6: Subtle Energy / Playfulness

In each video, Sarita will present two facets of Tantra and give two meditations for each. She will ask you to choose one of the methods to practise at least three times before the next class. You can feed back your experience to her by email, and she can answer your questions. Osho guided Sarita based on her feedback and questions, so it gives her immense joy to offer such experience to others.

The course is accredited by The University of Integrated Science, California

Part 1: Sex, Birth and Death / The Senses

Sex, birth and death are doors given by nature, which cannot be disassociated one from the other. They give access to manifest and un-manifest reality. In sex, one aspect is procreation, which leads to physical birth and physical death. Through sex, we can also move beyond time, leading to spiritual birth, which is deathless. Coming from the opposite direction, death is the end of time and therefore meditating on death brings transcendence of sex.

The senses offer an opportunity for discernment between pleasure and pain. When the body is humming with pleasure it is in tune with source. Each sense leads back to source, through pleasure. When senses are expanded one will be a conduit for the essence of life, shining through the prism of the physical world.

Here is a preview of Part 1:

Part 2: The Body; Purification and Healing

Through the body we can experience cellular consciousness, ecstasy and bliss, which are the reflection of spirit in matter.
Purity is the essence of grace and the quality of spirit. In the process of opening to purity, we let go of whatever prevents grace from aligning Body, Soul and Spirit. The attainment of such purity of being opens the door to immortality.

Part 3: Love and Relating / Devotion

Love is a divine quality that is inherent in all human beings and is mirrored in relating. This becomes the foundation for accessing a love affair with the whole.
Devotion automatically brings oneness with the object of devotion, transcending the small and limited aspects of the self. It is the devotion itself, which frees.

Part 4: Creativity / Knowledge

Creativity is an ever-unfolding process of the life spark. The intent of creating more beauty is the right foundation, which transports the art and the person who creates to a timeless space, beyond personality where the creative forces are guiding each expression. We are in such moments, a co-creator of life, a divine being a god.

The facet of knowledge uses the natural quality of mind and its thought process to access deeper understanding of life. The refinement of this process brings the realization of ultimate truth.

Part 5: Elevation to Higher Consciousness / Silent Meditation – Witnessing

Consciousness is Soul. It is beyond the personal mind, tapping into collective consciousness, and therein having access to the wisdom of the ages.

Silent Meditation uses the cosmic presence, the space in which we live and which is the origin of creation. The core principle of this facet is witnessing, which is applied to outer and inner reality. This witnessing brings a quality of non-identification to that which is witnessed. Such pure witnessing is the quality of cosmic presence. Within this space, the self is not, and only cosmic presence is.

Part 6: Subtle Energy / Playfulness

Subtle energy gives access to refined aspects of life. Matter is made of subtle energy which has densified. Exploring subtle energy, we can discover the full spectrum of human existence: Dimensions, energy bodies, chakras and subtle aspects of matter.

Playfulness is an intrinsic quality to the whole of existence. It is a master principle that brings a rejoicing and surrender to the magical and divine play that transcends the heaviness or density of the material world.